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Studio Snippets: A Customer’s Irresistable Shoes

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Studio Snippets: A Customer’s Irresistable Shoes

We saw this customer’s shoes and thought they were just adorable, so we had to share them with you!

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  • did you at least find out where they got them?


  • They are the cutest…hopefully you tell us more. How did she make them?? They are truely unique and I just love them!!!

    Patty says: She didn’t make them — we just thought they were adorable. They reminded us of this adorable mouse pattern. It just shows how everything around you can inspire your yarn crafting! Check out this other adorable Amigurumi mouse too.

  • I did see, as I recall, on one of Vickie Howell’s episodes of TV show Knitty Gritty, someone who took a shoe, pierced holes around it, picked up stitches and then knitted up the rest of a shoe/a boot. VERY cool! If one could figure out the gauge one could do so and then felt the entire thing, hoping the glue on the shoe would not cause it to fall apart. OR take a good sole from an old shoe and attach it to an already knitted and felted ‘slipper’. Hmmm…

    Possibly the origin of the shoes she had on was European, one of the Nordic nations or maybe Germany. I have seen felted clogs for sale in a shoe store in the US. Maybe in Minnesota.

  • I would like to have a pattern of those shoes. They are adorable!

  • No, they are bunnies, see the tail?

    Patty says: Ah, then how about this little darling? Click here.

  • Oh I would love the pattern!!! Imagine…puppies kittens what ever you heart desires…Just wrap the tails to the side! Those are just fabulous! Thanks for sharing them!!!!

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