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The Stratus Wrap

Center Yourself With the Stratus Wrap

April is Stress Awareness Month and here at Lion Brand we’ve been exploring some designs that are comforting and fulfilling to create. The Stratus Wrap came to mind as one of these designs. The shape is a classic triangle shawl worked from the top (center) down (out). You work increases on every right side with “resting” wrong side rows. There is just enough happening to keep you engaged with the project, but it is also simple enough to let your mind rest easy while you work.

Stratus Wrap

The Stratus Wrap is knit using New Basic 175 yarn.

Be Inspired

It’s impossible to have every color of New Basic 175 in front of you and not start combining your favorite colors. So, when we gathered to talk about New Basic’s release and the accompanying patterns you can imagine what we did. Like kids in a candy store as the saying goes. Eventually we paired our enthusiasm down into three additional colorways: Celestial, Woodland, and Dusk. These three combinations, along with the original “Cityscape” colorway, are all available to you now as a kit.

Just The Right Size

No matter what they say, one size doesn’t always fit most. This shawl can be resized with very little effort. Since the increases are evenly placed you won’t have to do any fancy additional math. Simply work each section to the length you think works for you. Want a larger garter stitch section? Add another couple rows. (Do this in groups of 2 rows. Always add an additional right side and wrong side row to remain consistent with the pattern.) Like stripes? Extend this section. Or decrease it! You are in control, so center yourself and stitch away stress. This


Tag your stress-busting knitting or crochet with #StitchAwayStress and #LionBrandYarn and let us know how you unwind with yarn crafts.

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