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Stockings that are Perfect to Stuff with Gifts

In celebration of our Stocking Stuffer sale, we're rounding up our favorite stocking patterns! Big or small, knit or crochet, we have a lot of different stockingsĀ for you.

Stockings to Make

More Options

Kristy Glass designed a lovely stocking that can be made in either knit or crochet. Unlike the rest of the patterns we've listed, these ones are not free. Each versionĀ is $6. If their colorful, trendy look is more your style than the traditional options above, however, they are great patterns that you can use to make heirlooms for your family.

Fill Them Up

Our notions sale is going on now, and there are some great small gifts you can give to your favorite crafter. We've got hooks and needles, yarn bags, and cute accessories. But you can also take part in an old holiday tradition while keeping up with your crafting -- the Christmas orange.

The Christmas orange is a tradition many people pass along, and it consists of putting an orange (or tangerine) at the toe of the stocking. The origins of the tradition seem to come from a story of St. Nicholas giving gold to a poor family. He knew the man of the house was too proud to accept charity, so he tossed the gold into their window during the night. Somehow, the gold landed in stockings that had been hung by the fireplace to dry. The orange now represents that gold.

We have several amigurumi and decoration patterns that could easily become oranges with some simple tweaks. For knitters, try one of our ball ornament patterns. The only changes to make are to work the exterior in orange yarn, ignoring any colorwork or stitch pattern called for, and instead of a loop, knot a little brown yarn to resemble a stem.

Crocheters can take one of the amigurumi patterns below and simply forego the longer stem and the pumpkin's face. Just do a simple stitch at the top for the shorter stem of an orange.


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