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Perfect Spring Patterns to Layer

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Perfect Spring Patterns to Layer

Spring is all about layers. The days often span a wide range of temperatures and having the option to add or remove a layer can be invaluable to your comfort. For example, here in New York City we’re experiencing some wide fluctuations. On the way to work this morning it was just 48 degrees and now in the mid-afternoon it’s 72! How do you prepare for this? Wraps, ponchos, cardigans, and legwarmers, are all possibilities. Below are a few patterns to get you inspired.

The Granite Cape by All About Ami (kit available on


Cardigans might be the most obvious choice for typical Spring projects. Everyone is eager to ditch the Winter jacket, but you will still very likely need a little something to keep off the chill. Cardigans are a versatile option that can be quickly taken off. (And an added plus, no messing up your hair if you need to put it on and off 20,000 times as the temperature changes.)

Tip: Make your garments lighter by swapping animal fiber yarns for blends.

Knit Inspiration

Flattering Sweater | Lacework | Eyelet Swing Jacket

Crochet Inspiration

Pearl’s Cardigan | High Street | Colorfully Modern Cardigan


A good shawl, blanket scarf, poncho, or blanket sweater is a perfect accessory for changing temperatures (or over air conditioned offices). These designs tend to be simple shapes like triangles or folded squares and rectangles. Large needles paired with yarn that is “too thin” for the millimeter will produce pieces that are airy with a lofty warmth. The Stratus wrap is a perfect example.

Knit Inspiration

Coffee Shop Wrap | Stratus Wrap
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Crochet Inspiration

Clement Canyon Poncho | Striated Triangle Shawl | Boho Wrap
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Legwarmers are often thought of for Fall or Winter, but they can definitely be a Spring-worthy project if done right. Below are a few simple suggestions you can make quickly. Chose Spring colors and textures to bring them into the season. Don’t be afraid to play with yarn substitutions to make them appropriate for the weather. Just make sure that the gauge of your new yarn matches the gauge listed in the pattern.

When you’re done and don that cute sundress or tunic and leggings enjoy how much warmer you will be walking down the street. Not to mention the feel-good factor of strutting in something you made. Fashionable and practical!

Stirrup Socks | Sausalito Socks | Helix | Electra

Spring-Worthy Yarn

Spring is a transitional season and instead of looking at that as limiting your yarn choices consider how much they’re expanded instead! You don’t need to use 100% wool or all animal fiber blends. Cellulose fibers like cotton and bamboo may be considered straight or blended with a wool. Acrylic and acrylic blend yarns are also appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to substitute yarns to take a design styled for Fall or Winter into warmer months. Play with gauge swatches to make sure the yarn you want to use works with the drape of your garment.

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