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Spring 2010 Crochet-Along Vote

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Spring 2010 Crochet-Along Vote

It’s time for another Crochet-Along, where crocheters from around the world gather to work on the same project.  With the help of our leader and the virtual community, you’ll be able to finish a project that pushes your skills to the next level.

Before we can get started on the next Crochet-Along, YOU need to vote on what project you want to make. Click here to vote!

We’ll announce the winner at the beginning of April, so be sure to check back on the Lion Brand Notebook.

New to Crochet-Alongs?  Click here for a Guide to KALs/CALs.

Want to check out the patterns above? Click on the photos to see their patterns.

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  • I vote for the Beach cover-up/cardigan. I’ve wanted to make something like that for a while!

    Zontee says: Hi Maren, only votes placed through the “Click here to vote” link above will be counted, so be sure to click it!

  • Do you have a photo of the cafe cardigan in a lighter color — so the motifs show up a bit better?

    Zontee says: Hi EL, no, we don’t. That’s the only Cafe Coat we’ve made. However, if you go to the pattern and click on the “Zoom” button below the photo, you can see a much larger photo of the pattern that will allow you to see the motifs better.

  • I think we should go for the beach cover-up, i’ve been wanting to do this for a while but am scared of going it alone!

    Zontee says: Hi ph03nix, only votes placed through the “Click here to vote” link above will be counted, so be sure to click it to share your opinion!

  • The Everyday Elegance Cardigan links back to the Cafe Coat. Just thought you might like to know! 🙂
    So excited to join in my first CAL 🙂

    Zontee says: Hi Kate, thanks for pointing it out. We’ve fixed it.

  • i want to do the beach cover-up. my daughter will love it !!!

  • When you click on The Elegance Cardigan link it takes you back to the Cafe Coat.Can you please fix it?

    Zontee says: Hi Elaine, yes, we’ve fixed it. Don’t forget that if you’re ever looking for a pattern, you can just type its name into the search box at to pull it up.

  • Please lets go with something a bit more trendy. These look like something I would have worn in the 90’s. I can’t vote for any of them because none of them would blend into a 20-something year old’s wardrobe.

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