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Sockerific: Sock Knitting Tips from a New Sock Knitter

Although I have been knitting for years, I was always scared of making socks. Closing the toe, turning the heel -- these ideas were foreign to me. Then there are all of the decisions involved: double pointed needles or circulars, toe up or top down, two at a time or one, etc. But for my new year's resolution, I decided that I would tackle socks. To my surprise, they weren't difficult and only took a week to make! Here are a few quick tips I've learned from my first pair of socks.

  1. Do whatever the pattern says to do. The directions might sound strange, but give it a try. After you've followed your first pattern, you can decide on your variations. It's always better to understand the basics before trying something more difficult.
  2. Use self-striping yarn. Many sock patterns include several inches of straight stockinette stitch, so the color changes in yarn helps you keep track of your stitches and keeps knitting fun.
  3. Try on your socks as you're knitting! Stop at the end of a round and carefully slide your foot into the sock, making sure not to knock any stitches off your needles. This will help you make the sock the perfect length.
  4. Have confidence. Half the battle with socks is your own perspective.

These are my first pair of socks. I used the Basic Socks pattern with Sock-Ease in Rock Candy. These socks have just the right amount of stretch to them, and they're very comfortable. I'm already making my second pair.

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