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Sock Tips, Pt. 4: Add an Eyelet Stitch Pattern to Your Sock

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Sock Tips, Pt. 4: Add an Eyelet Stitch Pattern to Your Sock

As we continue our series on embellishing your socks, we now introduce a new stitch into our basic sock pattern. Because socks are compact and quick to whip-up, they’re a great opportunity to try out new stitches. In our last two installments, we talked about color-work. In this article, we feature an eyelet sock pattern, adding style to our basic sock pattern with a lacy look.

Child’s Eyelet Sock

Here are a few tips on this eyelet sock pattern:

  • It’s helpful to use light color needles for dark yarn, darker needles for a light color yarn – you’ll be able to see your stitches more easily. This is helpful no matter the project.
  • Socks with an eyelet pattern provide a good fit – the spaces created by the eyelets stretch or contract easily to accommodate a variety of leg sizes.

  • Arrange your stitches on the needles so that a yarn over (yo) does not occur as the first or the last stitch on a needle.
  • If you prefer a smoother knitted fabric over your foot, just work the eyelet pattern on the leg portion of the socks and not the foot portion. When you begin the foot, simply work in Stockinette stitch (knit every round) instead.
  • You can use the eyelet pattern to help you count the rounds on your first sock — so your second will be a perfect match!
  • And you don’t have to be shy about taking your socks on the go. Just be sure to secure the stitches on your needles before stashing your knitting in your bag. You can use purchased needle protectors, or just wrap needle ends with rubber bands, or insert the needle ends into a recycled cork.

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