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Sock Tips, Pt. 3: Knit Crazy Stripes!

Socks are a great, compact project that can be made on the go. In each installment, we will show you different ways to add color and pattern to a basic child's sock. Click here for part 1 and click here for part 2. This month's article is all about stripes.

Striped socks are a fun and friendly way to experiment with color. The patterns below feature stripes of varying colors and widths to make a basic concept more fun.

Apply stripes to other projects too! From afghans to sweaters, knitted and crocheted items look great in stripes.

Child's Striped Socks

Here are a few tips on working with multiple colors:

  • No need to cut yarns between stripes -- just carry unused color(s) up the wrong side of work, working over strands every few rounds with the new color to secure.
  • Follow our stripe sequence or make up your own. Add a whimsical note to children's socks by making stripes of different widths on each sock in a pair. Stripes of different widths look great on scarves and sweaters too.
  • For ease in working with multiple colors of yarn, put each color into an individual ziplock bag. Seal bag, leaving an opening just large enough to thread the strand of yarn through. Keep the yarn in the bags while knitting.
  • Experiment with your stripes. Find a repeating pattern that you like, or make it random! Either way, your custom project will be sure to please.

Be creative and see where your stripes take you. Join us next week for eyelet socks!


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