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sock bind off

  • Summer of Sock Techniques: Stretchy Bind Off

    Post by Gretchen, Lion Brand Yarn Studio Education Director

    This week we had a toe up sock knitter finishing off her first sock, so I showed her how to work Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off – frequently abbreviated as “JSSBO”. Many knitters find their bind off becoming tight, which is undesirable in the top of your socks, and this bind off bends with the ribbing whether it’s k1, p1 (as in the photos) or k2, p2. It really is quite stretchy, and uses up more yarn than a standard bind off, so be sure to leave a longer tail than you usually would to bind off – about twice as much.

    To work this bind off, you will add a yarn over before each stitch you are binding off. Before KNITS you’ll add a BACKWARDS yarn over. Before PURLS you’ll add a REGULAR yarn over. Once you create the yarn over, simply bind it off with the stitch behind it:

    bind off

    1: Backwards yarn over before first knit stitch.

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