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Crochet a Snuggle Bunny!

Spring is in the air, Easter is right around the corner, and we’re thinking about what we can make for the season. If you run last minute (don’t we all?) and are looking for a fast, fun project you might be interested in checking out the latest from All About Ami. She’s turning up the cuteness meter with her Snuggle Bunny pillow pattern.

The Snuggle Bunny pillows are worked primarily in Lion Brand Fast Track yarn. Extra details (ear lining, eyes, bow, etc.) use 24/7 Cotton.

Crochet A Snuggle Bunny. . . or Two!

Lion Brand teamed up with All About Ami to bring you a kit for these pillows that includes the 2 balls of Fast Track in the color of your choice (Chopper Gray or Airstream White) and a black and white copy of the pattern. Small amounts of 24/7 Cotton needed for the details are not included with the kit. To make the bunnies as shown in the photos you will need the following materials:

Gray Bunny
27g mint (puffy bow)
20g white (ear lining and eyes)
13g black (eyes, nose, and mouth)
1g pink (cheeks)

White Bunny
27g mint (puffy bow)
15g pink (ear lining and cheeks)
6g black (eyes, nose, and mouth)

Now just imagine an entire Snuggle Bunny family for your home! The question is, how many can we get away with? Is there a limit on how many Snuggle Bunny pillows are acceptable for the living room? We don't think there should be.


Bring on the Bunnies

Feeling inspired to hop on the bunny train? You can find a few free bunny patterns on the Lion Brand website. And remember, bunnies aren’t just for Easter. These furry creatures symbolize comfort, abundance, hope, and new beginnings.

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