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Slip Stitch Knitting: Easy, No-Fuss Colorwork!

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Slip Stitch Knitting: Easy, No-Fuss Colorwork!

I have been a big fan of slip stitch colorwork for a long-time. It allows you to create wonderful, geometric designs that look so much more complex than they really are! In fact, awhile back, I demonstrated our Fallen Leaves Scarf and its lovely slip stitch pattern on Knitting Daily TV (video at the right; if you’re viewing this blog post in your email, click on the title to see the full article online).

Easy Colorwork Using Only One Color at a Time

What I love about slip stitch colorwork is that you only work one color in each row (no changing colors, no stranding) and that even a novice knitter can take it on. All you need to understand is:

  • How to slip a stitch: without working the stitch, simply slide it purlwise–as if you were putting the needle in to purl–onto your working needle (unless otherwise noted).
  • Which sides are the front and back of your fabric: the front is the side closest to you, the knitter, as you work; you’ll hold your working yarn in front or in back of the fabric as directed in your slip stitch pattern.
For more tips, click here to read an introductory article from our archives.

Want to try slip stitch knitting for yourself? Here are some of my favorite patterns from

Image of Berry Sparkle Scarf Image of Comfort Colors Shawl Image of Shaded Stripes Afghan
Knit Berry Sparkle Scarf Knit Comfort Colors Shawl Knit Shaded Stripes Afghan
Image of Slip Stitch Mosaic Tote Image of Crystal Beach Washcloth Image of Slip Stitch Sampler Throw
Knit Slip Stitch Mosaic Tote Knit Crystal Beach Washcloth Knit Slip Stitch Sampler Throw

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  • I do not know how to knit :() can i take a lesson on it?

  • […] Slip stitch knitting is such a beautiful method that creates a woven colorwork effect. It’s an easy but complex looking stitch, but even a novice knitter can handle it. One of the best qualities of this stitch is that you work with just one color per row, no changing colors or stranding. With “My First Slip-Stitch Afghan,” knitwear designer Rhonda Fargnoli, will teach you how to create our Slip Stitch Sampler Throw, which is composed of six different slip stitch patterns. […]

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