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Show Your Support for Team USA!


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With the winter Olympics less two weeks away I can feel the anticipation mounting. I’m usually not a big fan of sports but whenever the Olympics come around I always find myself getting swept up in the excitement. I’m instantly hooked after watching the opening ceremonies and immediately start searching online for the schedule of my favorite events. While watching the US competitors perform astounding acts of athleticism while clad in their dazzling red, white, and blue uniforms I can’t help but feel a little patriotic.

embroidering mittensAfter Lion Brand was featured in David Muir’s Made In America segment on ABC News (check out the video here!), I decided to help our Design team create our own version of the Olympic mittens. The Design team made the mittens first with our American-made Heartland yarn. Next, I got to design the embroidery to give the mittens some patriotic flare. The embroidery went pretty quickly, maybe 15-20 minutes per mitten and I was sort of figuring out the design as I did it. Then they were sent back to the Design team so they could write a pattern for our customers!

Click here to get the pattern for the knit Team USA mittens or click here for the crochet version! You can find the patterns for the hats and scarf shown in the photo above here.

Did you know that many of our yarns are made in America? Click here to see the full list!

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  • Absolutely love these!

  • I love the mittens. May take a break from the afghan I’m knitting to make some. Pattern for the scarf and hat? Would love to make the set.

    • You can find the pattern of the scarf here and the knit version of the hat here.

      • The scarf pattern link is not correct. Hoping the correct pattern can be found.

  • the wrong pattern comes up for the team scarf where it says to click here. please repost the correct pattern, thank you .

  • I make hats for the homeless, and for premature babies, I would like to to know if I can get free yarn to do this for babies

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