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Show Your Stash in Your Facebook Profile Picture

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Show Your Stash in Your Facebook Profile Picture

On Monday, we changed our Facebook profile picture to a picture of our yarn stash.  We want everyone to celebrate their stash and show it off in their Facebook profile picture.  Changing your profile picture is easy.  In case you forgot how, here is a quick reminder:

First, go to your profile and put your cursor over your profile picture.  In the upper right corner of your picture “Change Picture” and a little pencil will come up.  Click on the pencil to bring up this menu:

Select “Upload a Picture” and then browse to find the picture on your computer.  Now you can upload a picture of your stash–whether it’s big or small, messy or organized–and participate in Show Your Stash Week.

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  • Any tips on how to make a similar structure for yarn cheaply? My yarn closet (yes I said closet) is a MESS!!

  • I plan to get some of those hanging shoe holders with the clear plastic slots to store my yard and keep it where I can see what I have more easily. Think I found the idea on a LB tip.

  • I’m afraid it will take more than one picture to show my “stash!!”

  • I don’t like looking at the mess, I’m not going to show it to anybody else!

  • What a lucky person to have a yarn closet. My stash seems to be wherever. When I have time I make blankets and hats for our newborns, using my stash of course.

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