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Show us your #LionBrand!

Social media has changed so much of the way we relate to one another these days. From keeping tabs on former classmates, to keeping up-to-date with the latest dishes our friends are making & eating, we’re living in an era rich with information! While there are certainly downsides to spending additional hours engaged with our devices, one of the best surprises has been how much easier it is to connect with other yarn-lovers. Here at #LionBrand, we’re over the moon when you use social media to let us know what’s on your hooks & needles.



How to #LionBrand

We’re all about balancing our habits! Or as some might say… vices! Spending a little time on our devices, scrolling through photos of new babies, vacation hotspots, and especially new WIPs. Then disconnecting, to take a little me-time for our projects, inspired by crafty friends. The best way to keep us in the loop, if you’re casting on a Lion Brand yarn or project, is to hashtag! Simply upload a photo of your WIP or finished product on Instagram or Twitter, and #LionBrand. We check often, and ‘like’ & ‘save’ your beautiful posts. Be sure to mention the yarn & color in your caption, because your crafting followers will be asking!
#LionBrand | Mandala

Why to #LionBrand


While you might be one of the only crafters you know IRL (‘in real life’), there’s a wide world of fellow makers at your fingertips! And we’d love to put you in touch. When we re-share a post of yours, it’s like – an introduction. We’re saying, ‘here’s someone you’ll just love!’ to all our favorite followers. If you see a post you like, we hope you’ll ‘double-tap’ to give it a heart. Maybe even pop over to their profile to learn more about them & their projects. You might just meet a fellow crafter, near or far, with whom you have something in common! Whether you’re both learning a new stitch, or can’t stop casting on in mustard yellow, it’s the little things that can blossom into friendship.

You could be crafter & model!

Or grab a buddy:

Any buddy…


In addition to making new friends, you’re sharing your work with the people who’ll appreciate it most – fellow crafters! Sure, our loved ones LOVE to receive a hand-crafted gift, made with them in mind, but can they really understand all the details that went into it? Can they share the pain of decreases gone awry, of loose ends too short to weave, of patterns misread, realized too late? Fellow social media #makers will feel not only your successes, but your #struggles, and the challenges overcome will make the finished products all the sweeter to those who really get it.

We cherish the details:


@owlpapers | Heartland


None of us got into crafting for the fame of it, but it’s certainly fun to get some recognition for the yarn-work we usually do quietly at home! With 165K followers @lionbrandyarn to date (31.6K for @lionbrandstudio), that’s certainly quite a few pairs of peepers on your projects. It can be fun to be amplified on that scale, especially to an audience comprised almost exclusively of fellow crafters. And we choose all kinds of crafters, not just professional bloggers with followerships of their own. If you’re using & loving & tagging #LionBrand, we’re noticing you!

We love all kinds of projects!

Show us your #LionBrand!

Let’s flex our social media muscles, and use this crazy tool for what it does best – keeping us connected, sharing our mutual interests, & celebrating one another with gestures of appreciation, which make all the difference in the world! Check us out on social media, @LionBrandYarn (Instagram & Twitter) and for our Manhattan Studio: @LionBrandStudio (Instagram) & @lbystudio (Twitter), and follow for crafting fun.


@oliveandivyheirloom | Touch of Alpaca

If you’re savvy with social, tag us in your next post, and you just might see yourself in a repost someday soon.

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  • I’m having great difficulty trying to figure out a pattern of Lion’s Brand, Vanna’s Choice, pattern for Fisherman’s Cardigan designed by Teresa Chorzepa. I’ve tried 3 times, and ripped 3 times. Please, can someone help me?

    I have the first sleeve complete, and am now on page 2, The Increase for Right Front and Back. I would very much appreciate your help. I’ve crocheted for 50 years, but cannot get the instructions to work. Please refer me to someone who could help me.

    Thank you.

  • I have a question for pattern L70136 Susan’s Shrug.
    For a shorter version, do I decrease number of chains or do I decrease number of rows crocheted.
    Please help, thank you.

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