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Shira Blumenthal

  • Lion Brand and St Jude Children's Hospital

    Lion Brand Yarn has been donating a portion of all sales of Vanna's Choice® yarn to St Jude Children's Research Hospital since 2007. Lion Brand Yarn has donated over $1.5 million to the hospital since then.

    Shira, our Brand Ambassador, visited St Jude Children's Hospital and was shown around by a former patient, who spoke highly of the support offered by the hospital to the children and their families while undergoing treatment.

    Watch the video below to see Shira's visit and learn more about St Jude.

    :: Can't see the video above? Click here to watch - https://youtu.be/s5Fd4c6VrjA ::

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  • A Colorful Blanket made with 24/7 Cotton!

    I have grown up knitting my whole life. But a few years back I started to crochet, but get this, I was crocheting lefty! Yep lefty. I am a lefty. I knit righty, taught myself to crochet so obviously learned with my left but most recently I learned how to crochet righty! Which brings me to what’s on my hook!

    A very very dear friend of mine had a baby. For her first baby who is now two and half, I made him a beautiful knitted blanket- he doesn’t sleep without it now! But for her second baby I wanted to challenge myself! I wanted to crochet righty (eek) a granny square blanket for her daughter. I decided to use a cotton yarn because they live in Florida, so I thought that 24/7 Cotton would work perfectly. It is a mercerized cotton so it's great for blankets and garments! Not to mention the 24 colors it comes in!

    I spent a lot of time picking out the colors because they symbolize the bubbly personality of who her grandmother was. Unfortunately this beautiful baby girl never had the chance to meet her grandmother but I did. I know she would have loved to see her granddaughter wrapped up in this colorful blanket made with so much love!

    Check out this video to learn more about my process!

    Having trouble viewing this video? Click here: https://youtu.be/_JDRKkNjWtU

    Feeling inspired? Here are three granny square afghans you'll love!

    Bird's Nest Baby Throw Sherbet Granny Baby Throw Baby Granny Throw

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  • Shira's Guild Visits!

    Hello Out There!!!

    One of the many things I get to do as a Brand Ambassador for Lion Brand Yarn is travel around the country and I to talk different knit and crochet groups or guilds.  Since I started my position as Brand Ambassador I have been to many groups, but the biggest guild I have spoken to was in Madison, WI -- a knitting guild made up of over 300+ knitters!  (Fun Fact: it’s really cold in Madison, WI in February!)

    washington guild 4
    My Goal

    When I talk to a group there are a three main things I talk about .

    1. Lion Brand Yarn is not as big as you think! Sometimes people don’t realize that our company is just under 100 people.  I convey the message, I love being able to see people’s faces sometimes it’s like their minds are being blown! t
    1. We are also a family business.  Family business are rare these days especially one that is in its 5th generation (me being a part of the 5th).
    1. I get a chance to let the knitters and crocheters feel and neck test all day long ;)  I bring new colors of yarns and new yarns for people to put their hands on and really get the chance to see what it feels like for themselves!  I also bring knit and crocheted garments with me out of the corresponding yarns so they can see how they work up!

    washington guild 3
    Feeling #Lucky

    I feel honored to be able to talk to these crafters.  They are so talented to be able to see what they do with Lion Brand is amazing.  Some are avid users of Lion Brand and some, well, some admit to me “I didn’t know you had such beautiful yarns until you came!  I can’t wait to buy Lion Brand now!”

    That’s my end all goal.  I am there to inspire!  I am there get people excited about knitting and crocheting with Lion Brand Yarn!

    These are some photos that I love from some of Guild adventures!

    If you are interested in having me come visit your guild please email me at Shiraroars@lionbrand.com.  Please note, a minimum attendance of 70 people must be present for me to visit.


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