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Share Yarncrafting with the Next Generation! Teach a Child to Crochet or Knit!

On Friday, I was crocheting some gauge swatches on the subway, which I take to get home after work. A few stops in, three little boys boarded the train with their father. One of them sat down in the empty seat next to me and called to his brother, "Look, she's knitting! That's cool!"

Now, I happen to be the kind of person who mostly keeps to myself on the subway, but I do like sharing my crafts with kids, so I turned to him and explained to him that actually I was crocheting, and that I'd be happy to show him the cardigan I just finished (look out for an upcoming blog post about it). He was impressed, and said, "That's hot."

Next, he and his brothers then asked me about what else I liked to make. I told them about my projects, and they told me that they had friends who crocheted both with hooks and by finger-crocheting (a good, kid-friendly technique, where they use their finger as the hook). They also told me that they too wanted to learn to crochet in art class so they could make slippers, hats, and gifts, and that they hoped someday they would be as fast as I was.

It was so fun to hear their enthusiasm, and it was a wonderful reminder that if you have the opportunity to teach an enrichment class at your local school district, church, or community center, or if you can support a local art teacher by donating yarn, tools, or your time, it's a great opportunity to pass these great crafts onto the next generation.

Do you teach knitting, crochet, and/or other yarncrafts to children in your community? Tell us about your experiences by leaving a comment!

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