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Setting World Records at Citi Field...with Crochet!

This is a guest post from Mike D., whose last blog post was about our company bowling night.

Have you ever seen 426 people simultaneously crocheting? If you are saying “yes,” then it could be that you were at Citi Field on June 5th for Stitch N Pitch. While I was not one of the 426 crocheters that set the Guinness Book of World Records, I was there to help set up, and it was a tremendous experience for everyone there. (I am also a big Mets fan, so when asked, I jumped at the opportunity to help.)

There were people (like the people standing next to me above: Libby, Stacy, Gabby, Lily, etc.) that put way more time and energy into making this happen than I did, but it was a pleasure lending a helping hand where I could. I enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with so many wonderful people, and listening to their feedback about the yarn, this experience, or the different projects they were working on (a pair of socks from each possible color available in our Sock-Ease!!!). I learned that this was going to be the second time one young lady entered the Guinness Book of World Records, as she had previously tapped danced her way into it once before.

As much as I enjoyed being around so many wonderful people, the biggest moment of the day for me came after the world record had been set. You see, I have a "bucket list" (Don't know the term? See the Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson movie of the same name for reference), and on this "bucket list" is to be on the home field of the New York Mets. Since Jack wasn't able to go to the game, I was happy to take his place and check this task off my "bucket list." I made my pilgrimage onto the field that day, saw my picture on the scoreboard, and had my name announced over the loud speaker. All-in-all, it was a truly awesome experience!

Were you at the game? Tell us about your experiences! Leave a comment!

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  • anne

    We were there! Thanks for all the hard work! My family and I had a blast!

  • tess

    This is on my bucket list! Wonderful photos and what looks like a good time.

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