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Selecting the Perfect Sweater Size

When crocheting or knitting, it can be difficult to select the right sweater size. Here are a few tips to help you make the perfect sweater.

Boyfriend Cardigan1. Accurately measure yourself. This tutorial from our friends at BurdaStyle shows you how to measure yourself. Remember not to pull too hard on the measure tape, as this will make your measurements too small.

2. Judge the ease of the sweater. Ease is essentially the fit of the sweater. If you're making a fitted garment, you'll want to select the sweater size that matches your exact measurements (zero ease) or has slightly smaller measurements (negative ease). Remember that garments with negative ease will hug your body. To make a looser garment, select measurements that are a few inches larger than your own. The style of the sweater will often dictate the amount of ease that you'll want. For example, our Midnight Glamour Pullover is meant to be worn with negative ease, so you would select a bust size that is smaller than your actual measurements; our Boyfriend Cardigan is an oversized style, so you would select a larger bust size.

3. Think of how you'll wear the sweater. If you're going to wear many layers under your sweater, consider going up a size to accommodate your layering.

4. When in doubt, measure your favorite sweater. Since you already know how that sweater fits you, you can easily use those measurements to select your sweater size. Make sure that it's a similar style to your pattern, as you wouldn't want to measure an oversized sweater to select a fitted sweater size!

Now I'll use these tips in an example. Let's say that someone with a 40" bust wanted to knit the Boyfriend Cardigan (pictured above; click the image to view the pattern). If she knit the small size because it matches her bust size, then she would end up with a very fitted cardigan. To match this sweater's oversized look, she should knit at least the size medium (44").

Do you have any great tips for selecting a pattern size? Share them in the comments!

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