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Seen in the Yarniverse: Quitting Smoking

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Seen in the Yarniverse: Quitting Smoking

quitting the habitKnitting and crocheting are not simply hobbies for relaxation, can be very useful to kick habits like smoking as well! Chapel Hill News chronicled Riva Econopouly, a woman who put down her cigarettes for knitting needles, and has been smoke-free ever since. This is an incredible story of a woman who used to smoke up to three packs a day, but thanks to her knitting needles, was able to kick the habit. In fact,’s guide to quitting smoking suggests picking up portable hobbies such as crocheting or knitting to control the urge. Rocky Mountain News wrote that even teenagers are knitting to get rid of their nicotine dependence.

If you have any stories about how crafting helped someone quit smoking, we’d love to hear about it. Send us your comments.

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  • I had never made the connection, but once I started to have the uncontrollable urge to knit constantly, I was able to quit smoking. It has been the easiest thing I have ever done; I feel so much better and I sure am a lot more creative now too! Knitting is by far the best smoking cessation method there is!

  • Absolute KUDOS!! to anyone who stops smoking.I wasn’t a knitter or much of a crochter at the time of my story,but I’m sure it would have helped.In November of this year it will be my,and my mom’s 10 year anniversary of quitting smoking.She was in the hospital after her 4th heart attack and I was walking through the parking lot to visit her when I couldn’t catch my breath,and my chest began hurting.That was the day I decided I had to quit for good.( I had made numerous attempts to quit previously ).We both quit “Cold Turkey”,relying on a favorite FAT FREE treat,”Tootsie Rolls”.Mom is somewhat healthier now and I’m trying to cope with permanent lung damage.I don’t mean to get on a “soapbox”here,But,if you Can quit smoking…Do.You’ll be a lot happier,healthier,and most important…Craftier! Lol

  • I work with a woman who took up knitting a little over a year ago as a way to quit smoking. She started with cotton dishcloths, and jumped immediately into knitting kilt hose for her brother’s wedding….and now she has multiple yarn stashes, including a HUGE sock stash, and multiple projects. Her blog, Transference of Addiction, is here:

  • July 2, 2008
    Knitting definitely helped me kick my 3-pack-a-day habit, 33 years ago. I decided that we needed food more than I needed cigs. A pack of my favorite B&H menthol 100s cost 52 cents a pack. Sirlion steak was running about a buck a pound. I told NO ONE, just in case I couldn’t make it. After three days without smoking, I mentioned to my husband that I had quit. He watched me NOT SMOKE all evening. Then he also quit. Knitting made it possible. Of course, I was always addicted to knitting. It helps me stay out of trouble.
    Still smoke-free, and having fun! Sandy

  • great idea… having idle hands makes quiting much harder

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