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Seen in the Yarniverse: Knitting the Brain

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Seen in the Yarniverse: Knitting the Brain

Ten years ago, semi-professional artist Karen Norberg set out on a difficult task: to knit a scientifically accurate brain. With one year, lots of textbooks, and even more yarn, Norberg achieved her goal. Her true-to-life brain is now receiving ample media attention, including an article from Scientific American. Click here to read the story, or visit the Museum of Fabric Brain Art to see Norberg’s knitted brain exhibited next to other scientifically accurate hand-crafted brains.

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  • The ‘Knitted Brain’ is with no doubt the strangest knitted item I have ever heard of.
    However it is amazingly accurate. And it must have been a pains taking effort.

  • How cool! I’m taking Neuroanatomy this semester and I’ll share this with the class.

  • linked to my blog.

  • here is a crochet version that’s been up on YouTube for a while

  • oops – I guess the site didn’t like the embed code — so here is the direct link instead:

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