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Saving Crochet Swatches for Posterity

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Saving Crochet Swatches for Posterity

We noticed this post about how to save pieces of antique crochet–or even your favorite new design and color work, by embedding the swatch in resin. You can then make them into jewelry or other mementos.

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  • Thank you very much for postin my sample!

  • This is a wonderful idea! I have a friend who just cherishes her family crochet projects, and want to preserve them in some unique way. Thanks you for the information.

  • I loved the idea of resin. But…I have items that my mom put away for 50+ years not stored properly. All of them are cotton thread, spotted with unknow things. How can I clean these without breaking threads,or making things worse?

  • Hi Linda,

    Try entering terms like “vintage lace care” into your search engine of choice and checking out the many different guides that are available online. One that I found on Google, with some good tips, was:

    Hope that helps!


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