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Saturday Morning Hoodie Knit-Along, Part 5: Now the Hoodie has a Hood!

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Saturday Morning Hoodie Knit-Along, Part 5: Now the Hoodie has a Hood!

I must be getting near the home stretch of the Saturday Morning Hoodie, because I have finally reached the part that that makes it one: the hood. This last week I sewed in the second sleeve, and then I decided to sew the side and sleeve seams together as well. (This just makes the piece a little more manageable to work on.) After the fronts, sleeves and back are all sewn together at the raglan edges, I can pick up stitches for the hood.

I am working on the second size in this pattern and it tells me to pick up a total of 45 stitches around the neckline. Sometimes, knitting patterns tell you exactly how many stitches to pick up for each section of a neck, but for this pattern the total number is given–and I have an easy way to evenly pick up stitches! (As always, highlighted photos can be clicked on to enlarge.)

I really do like using detachable markers (or safety pins) to mark off sections and all I did was fold the neck in half, and place one marker at the center back. Then I folded each of these halves into quarters and marked each of these sections off. So, with the neck in quarters, I only have to pick up 11 in each section, and one extra (probably at the center back). By working from marker to marker, this makes the job easier than to just hope to have the total number picked up by the time I get to the end of the neck. Another tip: I also like to pick up my stitches with my smaller needle for a neater look and then work with the larger needle for the rest of the hoodie.

After working the hood for 11″, I shaped the top of the hood to create the top of the hood. Then I worked even for another 5” (for the top of the hood) and bound off.

Look! I just sewed the bound off edges to the sides of the center piece and a hood emerges!

All I have to do this next week is the ribbing for the front bands, sewing the pockets to the fronts and working the bands of the pockets. Oh, and one of my favorite things to do – find some great buttons!

How is your hoodie coming along? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Do y’all have do any crochet along projects?

    • Hi Grannax2, yes, we alternate between knit-alongs and crochet-alongs. Our fall 2010 project was a cardigan crochet-along; we’ll be hosting another crochet-along in the spring. You can click on the “crochet-along” category on the blog to see previous crochet-alongs including cardigans, jackets, afghans, and more.

    • I know it is a rival site, but Bernat just had a great Mystery Crochet Along last Fall that worked up into a nice afghan that turned out to be a life saver on these cold winter days.

  • My sweater seems to ride a little high in the back. Maybe it will fall into position upon completion. I’m having trouble picking up around the final front ribbing. I will see what hints are available before I continue.

  • I am such a visual person that I sometimes have a hard time figuring out where a pattern is going when I can’t visualize it ine my mind. I’ve been working on this hood trying to figure out how on earth this strange thing is going to turn into a hood! My visual mind is VERY grateful for the step by step pictures-it all makes sense now!!! THank you!

    • I so agree with you. I stopped working at the 11 inches on the hood because i was so unsure how this would work into a hood. Know that I have seent he pictures, I totally get it. Thanks!!

  • I am ready to pick up for the hood now as well. I did sew everything together and even finished the pockets, just so the body of the sweater would be completely done. I tried it on and it’s so cozy in Homespun! I just hope I can find some lightweight buttons so as not to weigh down the fronts I was thinking of some simple plain flat wooded ones.

  • I was thinking about using Homespun but thought it might be too loose. What size needles did you use?

  • If I made this hoodie again I would use a heavier weight yarn, like Homespun. I’m using 2 strands of Jiffy yarn help together. Good thing I bought lots of extra yarn to make two of these!! Doubled, I’ll be able to finish one & should have some left for the next one. Yet the pattern doesn’t seem to use up yarn fast at all. Should have plenty left when I’m done…
    Also considering converting this pattern into crochet for the next one. I love to knit too but I have trouble with my left hand & wrist from tendonitis & artritis & it caused me to have to stop working on the sweater, (and many other things), for 4 days in a row. Crochet is so much easier on my hands & arms. Should be interesting & fun!
    I am back to it now & almost done with the sleeves. I worked them at the same time which makes it easier to keep track of decreases & increases on the same rows on both sleeves. So I will soon be ready to pick up stitches for the hood after I sew in the sleeves & sew the seams.
    I didn’t think I would have to block this since I used a machine wash & dry yarn but the pieces are very curly so I will have to block them before I sew.
    Happy knitting ladies!! Almost done…

    • I am on the sleeves but as I approach putting it together and doing the rib border and hood I have a few questions for those who have gone beyond me.
      1. I am using the Wool-Ease chunky. Should I sew the pocket facings and the underarm seams before doing the borders?

      2. If yes, should I block the individual pieces first and if so, what method of blocking do you recommend? I get VERY nervous about blocking!

      3. Regarding the buttons, I want to do buttons with button holes. Has anyone done that and if so, any specifics about how many and what size buttons you used? I am doing a man’s large.

  • I am still working on the fronts … done with the left and working on the right. Haven’t blocked anything, yet. The back is perfect, but may have to reknit a sleeve (or two) … remember, this is the first thing I have knitted in YEARS and I am having to relearn it all. I am in love with knitting again.

    Do you have any tips or maybe instructions, for sewing the pieces together? I’d really appreciate that kind of information since I have never done that before.

    And thank you for the pictures and explanations on doing the harder aspects of this project. Couldn’t have gotten this far without it!

    Knit on!! Pam

    • Hi, Pam:

      There is a great Learning Center tab at the top of the website. Along with other great information and videos, you can see the section on sewing together your projects here:
      Hope this helps you and glad that the pictures have already!

  • Heather, when you start sewing the pockets to the inside front piece, please post step-by-step photos if you could, since I’m not 100% percent sure of what I am doing. I believe I am going to blind stitch the top & bottom seam of inside pocket and the side seam towards the ribbing front band,correct?

    • Hi, Christine:
      Sewing those pockets will be one of the last things I will do – and I will post pictures although it sounds like you understand where to sew them. I wanted to finished the bands around the fronts and hood before I did that. Almost to the finish line!

  • Finished!!! Love the way my sweater came out. The last set of ribbing (up one front, over the hood, and down the other side) seemed daunting at first, but it worked up quick. I was home sick Friday, and spent the day on the couch knitting. Went out yesterday and found some buttons I like, got them and the loops sewn on last night. Then this morning I gave it a wash and now it is laying out drying.

    This pattern was so easy, it inspired me to do the Lace Inset Cardi. Starting it now, dreaming of warm spring days / cool spring eveings when I can wear it. Thanks Heather for your pictures and encouragement to help finish the Saturday Morning Hoodie.

    • Congrats, Jlorir! Don’t forget to share your project with us in our customer gallery!

  • Well this has come together so quickly I am amazed. I got my yarn late due to waiting for a back order. My yarn came in last Tuesday and I got started Wednesday. I am already working on my hood and that was after a lot of frogging and reknitting. I had my husband try it on today while I had one sleeve and front to back sewn. I was really worried until I remembered there is a 3 inch border on each side of the fronts. Phewww!!! My concern with the random striping is set to rest. It looks fine. I think I would have been happier with a yarn with a little more structure to it. This is very soft and snuggly but rather limp. I think I am only going to use half of the yarn I ordered so we may have “his and hers” sweaters before I am done!

  • […] Saturday Morning Hoodie Knit-Along, Part 5: Now the Hoodie Has a Hood […]

  • This is my first knit sweater, I have only crocheted one sweater before this. I was confused and lost so many times before I found the hints and pictures here. Maybe it will get better. 🙁

  • I love this blog…so many ideas!! Just what I needed for some inspiring projects!! I found your blog from KnitPurlGurl!

  • I very confused about what to do with this “At beg of next row, bind off 3 sts twice, 2 sts twice, 9 (9, 10, 10, 11, 11) sts twice – 17 (17, 20, 22, 22, 24) sts. ” I know what it needs to look like but I need row by row instructions.If you bind all these off on one edge like it says won’t the hood be all on one side instead of the middle….help!

    • Hi Andrea, the directions are indicating separate rows. In other words, for the next several rows:

      At the beginning of the next row, bind off 3 sts. Work across.
      At the beginning of the next row, bind off 3 sts. Work across.
      At the beginning of the next row, bind off 2 sts. Work across.
      At the beginning of the next row, bind off 2 sts. Work across.
      At the beginning of the next row, bind off 9 sts. Work across.
      At the beginning of the next row, bind off 9 sts. Work across.
      Once you’ve done all of this, you should have 17 (17, 20, 22, 22, 24) st left.

  • Thank you! I had the same question about binding off the hood stitches. The pattern was not clear on this and you cleared it up. Sara

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    Saturday Morning Hoodie Knit-Along, Part 5: Now the Hoodie has a Hood! | Lion Brand Notebook…

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