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Saturday Morning Hoodie Knit-Along, Part 2: Starting the Hoodie with Thoughts of a Great Finish

I think that if there ever was a “Winter to Knit” contest, this winter would take 1st prize!  It’s great to see so many of you join our Winter Knit-Along (KAL)  and it certainly is not too late to join making the Saturday Morning Hoodie.  Some of you have ordered your yarn, or already have your yarn, or may still be wondering what yarn to use.  In last week’s post, I wrote about how this sweater uses Wool-Ease Chunky – a category 5 yarn – which is a bulky weight.  I had also suggested some other bulky yarns that would work great for this pattern.  Then I saw the blog post here on the Lion Brand Notebook talking about using two colors (two strands) of yarn to make beautiful colors. I brought out some of my worsted weight yarns and found that holding two strands together of worsted Wool-Ease or 2 strands of Fishermen's Wool, works up great at a gauge of 10 sts = 4” (the gauge in the pattern.)  If you don’t mind holding two strands together, and haven’t found the yarn you want to use, or would like to use two colors together, this is a great option.  Just remember that you will need double the yardage of yarn called for the Wool-Ease Chunky.

Before I talk about how far I was able to get on the Saturday Morning Hoodie, please print out an updated version of the pattern if you haven’t already.  There are a few corrections to the original (they appear in red type in the "Corrections" section and are incorporated in the pattern below), but there is a great addition to this pattern: Many times a pattern for a cardigan will instruct you to work the second front by working it the same as the first front, but tell you to reverse shaping.  For some knitters who have done this before, it doesn’t cause too many problems, but to make this pattern even more accessible, the reverse instructions for right front are now a part of the pattern! Next week, I’ll talk about how the pockets are knit at the same time the fronts are worked, but all the instructions are there for both fronts now.

So, this week I worked and finished the back of my hoodie and I was happy how it worked up, but even happier when I blocked out my back piece.  When I was finished with the back, it, like many other stockinette stitch pieces curled:

This can make the finishing more difficult, but there are ways to make your pieces more "finishing friendly." When I finished my back, I dampened it with a spray bottle and then just pinned it to the correct measurements (see below).  Many times after I dampen the pieces, I can just gently pull them out to the correct size.  When the pieces dry, they are ready for finishing.  (I didn't pin the ribbing so it wouldn't stretch out--but it looks like the schematic to me!)

The other way I made this back "finishing friendly" was to do work my decreases a stitch in from the edge (see below).  In other words, I worked an edge stitch, then either knitted or purled the next two stitches together.  This makes an edge that it much easier to sew to the raglan edges of the sleeves.  I'll make sure to work the other raglan edges like this on the sleeves and front raglan edges as well.

I’m on to the fronts now and will work that left front with pocket first (I’ll also keep the back handy to compare to the fronts), so let's continue on together. Keep those fingers busy and keep warm!

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  • Sewunicorn

    Somewhat tangential question here. What kind of board are you using to pin block your pieces? I'm mostly a cross stitcher, just starting to get into the yarn arts and have been following the blog for a little while to get ideas.

  • http://twitter.com/QueenOfDaStitch Knitted Oaks™


  • Tracy

    Because I knit left handed is the right side of the front actually the left side for me? I knit me daughter a vest and that is what happened and so it buttons backwards. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Zwitsa Kachinski

    I'm really enjoying this project. Is it better to block each piece as it's finished or wait until the end and do the pieces all at that time?

  • Fara

    This is my first knit a long. I am about half way up the back and so far so good.


  • fireyicevamp

    This is my first sweater and first knit along. I'm a bit behind as I was waiting for my needles and now the rest of the yarn but I'm very excited to keep going; already about 10 in up the back.

  • Julie g

    thanks everyone - I think since I only had 2 inches of ribbing and I did the decreases wrong - I may start over on the back.... :) It's my first REAL garment. I might leave the ribbing and just unknit the last 6 rows...either way - thanks for the feedback. nice! - Julie g

  • Jane

    I've been knitting for a long time & find it easier to knit both fronts at the same time. Then I can be sure they're the same length. Do both sleeves at the same time, too. (easier, since they're exactly the same.)

    I'm curious about blocking pieces separately... have always blocked after sewing the garment together. Is one way better than the other?

  • Marciasmith

    I am making the Men's Size Large, in the same yarn and color as shown in the pattern. I'm working on the Raglan shaping on the back and so far so good! Was glad for the hint Heather wrote on working the decrease stitches one stitch in from the edge! I have not made a sweater before, so guidance on how to make my sweater turn out looking great are most welcome!

  • Hchissell

    I've joined your KAL and have finished the back. Am now working on the left front and looking forward to it's completion. Great pattern,, thanks Lion Brand.

  • Janvankan

    I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding something. I'm working the decreases in the back. If I decrease every other row won't that mean in essence that I decrease every purl row and all decreases will be on the same side? Won't this make it lopsided?

  • William Aprile

    Are there any helpful guidelines for sewing parts together? I'm ready to join panels but I don't think the sewing machine is what I should use.

  • Martha B.

    Reading the Corrections and the original pattern is becoming confusing to me. I am at the top of the left front and do NOT understand what's going on there. It does not say how many stitches to end up with, Do I continue with the instructions for the Raglan and Neck Shaping in the original instructions or do I stop with the Left Front at the end of the Corrections paragraph? Very confused!!!

  • Martha B.

    Also, are there more instructions from our instructor regarding the Fronts, etc? I have only seen the discussion regarding the back.

  • Tracy

    Hi, this is Tracy. The left handed knitter. I knit the left front side and it turned out to be the right side. I guess with left handed knitters the fronts are backwards so I hope the front sides are the same. They look to be the same. I am also wondering on the edging if I need to start opposite of what the pattern says. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  • Sewhappie

    Hi. First let me say I love being able to do this Hoodie and be able to get online help!
    I am @ the decrease section on back piece ( sz XXL) case on is 70 stitches making my center @ 35 stitches to place my marker. Decrease binds off 5 on rs and 5 on ws. Or do I decrease 5 each edge rs & 5 each edge ws?
    As it is now I have 5 EXTRA STITCHES on each side of my center marker making it 28 and not the 18 according to corrected instructions! HELP!

  • Millie

    I am nowhere near as far along as you all seem to be. I have knitted a sweater before, but never a button-up (cardigan). When people say they knit "both left and right fronts" at the same time, I am having trouble envisioning that. Does that literally mean casting on the stitches for one side, moving it over, and then casting them on for the second side? And I assume I have to actually separate the two by cutting and weaving in the yarn too (from the beginning). So, am I literally using two different balls (skeins) of yarn too, so they do not "attach" to each other?

  • Millie

    I meant to mention, I am still on the back, and only about 9 inches up. I got a great start right away, but have not been able to pick it up for days. Have never blocked the pieces of a sweater, btw; but I also have sewn them together from the inside, not the outside...

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  • Edna Dippre

    My yarn JUST came in yesterday! I hope to get "started" tonight. I can't worry about trying to catch up now but will keep checking the blogs for helpful ideas. Good to know you're all out there.

    My gauge was 3-1/2 with size 13 needles for Jiffy yarn. Still too small with Size 15 but my husband didn't like the stitches so loose. So I did a swatch with 2 strands of the Jiffy with the 13s & it was perfect!! Who would have guessed?? It's a Catagory 5 bulky yarn... Good thing I ordered enough to make one for both of us. Now I have enough to make his thicker the way he wants it. It isn't at all heavy either. If we really like it I'll get more of the same yarn to do one for me too. I know I'll have some left over from his as he's an XS & I'm an XL so I have to get the same color. (Dove).

  • Martha B.

    I'm trying to find a blocking board -- the one(Friskars brand) at WalMart has a cancer warning on it!!! That's the only one I've found so far. Any suggestions?

  • Deborah Byers

    I am having trouble with this instruction below. If I follow what it says I will be down to four stitches and it might not measure 10 inches. Then it says AT THE SAME TIME--at the same time as what? How do I decrease and make sure I'm at 10 inches???????Help!

    Next Row (RS): Bind off 5 sts for raglan edge, k to end of row - 15 (18, 20, 23, 25, 28) sts. Continue in St st, dec 1 st at raglan edge every row 0 (0, 2, 4, 6, 8 4, 6, 10, 12) times, every other row 12 (14, 15, 15, 15, 15, 13, 13, 11, 11) times, AT THE SAME TIME, when raglan measures 7 (7 1/2, 8, 8 1/2, 9, 9 1/2) in. (18 (19, 20.5, 21.5, 23, 24) cm) 8 (8 1/2, 9, 9 1/2, 10, 10 1/2) in. (20.5 (21.5, 23, 24, 25.5, 26.5) cm), end with a RS row.

  • Morgan

    im finding that the fronts are very difficult ,especially the pockets .can anyone help ??????

  • http://blog.lionbrand.com/2011/02/17/saturday-morning-hoodie-knit-along-part-4-the-nature-of-raglan/ Saturday Morning Hoodie Knit-Along, Part 4: The Nature of a Raglan | Lion Brand Notebook

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  • Terry Nocchi

    I am having trouble with the directions as well as Deborah Byers on the Left Front raglan edge decreases. Do you decrease the end of the pearl row and the beginning of the knit row? That would be two decreases. It shortened the row very quickly. Or, do you decrease only on the knit side. Which would mean you would have a decrease every other row? I don't understand this every row, every other row, AT THE SAME TIME. You doing so much changing on a very few stitches. Please explain.

    Everything else is going well. I am really enjoying this also and don't want to make a mistake now.

  • Terry Nocchi

    Zontee - thank you for responding to me so quickly. One additional question - Do you decrease on the purl and knit side on the raglan side. Or is it the knit side only. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

  • Terry Nocchi

    Thank you Zontee, you have been a tremendous help. Have a great day.