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Sabrina Tunic Crochet-Along – Week 3: Beginning the Body

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Sabrina Tunic Crochet-Along – Week 3: Beginning the Body


Welcome back to the Lion Brand Summer 2015 Crochet Along!!  I can’t believe we are going to be half way done by the end of this week!!  My Sabrina Tunic is really looking great and now that I have started the body this project is really beginning to look like a wearable piece of art!!


Last week we worked on the yoke, there were lots of interesting stitching techniques to help create the unique look of the upper part of our garment.  I loved all the participation and questions we had going on last week both here on our Lion Brand Blog and over on our Ravelry Crochet Along Group!! If you felt like the yoke was a little difficult you were not alone… Working with the darker yarn and some of the stitching techniques made us all pay closer attention to the pattern. There seemed to be a few question about rounds 11-13, if you still have questions… Make sure to hop over to the Ravelry Group and read through last week’s thread and see if it will answer any of your questions!! We had lots of great chit-chat about the yarn and pattern questions. Some of us are posting our progress pictures on Raverly too… It is great to see the Sabrina Tunic in other colors!!

Now that your yoke is done (or almost done), it’s time to talk about “Beginning the Body”.  This is where the pattern kicks into auto pilot and we will be relaxing and having a great crochet time!!  You will start the body off in Round 1 by single crocheting around and making 2 chain sections that will form the bottom of the armholes.  My picture below shows how the chain section should look to create one of the armholes.

Once you get the “set up round” done and the armholes in place, you will begin working in double crochet for the body.  The designer made sure to keep a fun style for this section by alternating how you work your double crochets rounds. You will be working one round in the front loops and the next round in the back loops, this will create some great texture!  You may have been wondering why you had 3 hook sizes for this pattern… After working the first 4 inches of the body you will switch to your middle hook size and keep working in the same manner until you have 9 inches completed. Next week we will be using the largest hook. You can see the body really taking shape in my picture below after my first 4 inches were completed!!

I couldn’t believe how fast the first 4 inches worked up!  After switching to my middle size hook I whipped out another few inches and I now have about 8 inches of the body done.  Below you can see my picture of the yoke plus 8 inches of the body… I can’t wait to hear how your week 3, “Beginning the Body” turns out!!


This week’s assignment is to finish up your yoke and work 6-9 inches of the body of the tunic.  If you are just getting started, no worries… You will be able to catch up and finish with us in the next couple weeks!!

Happy Crocheting!!


Elena Ramshaw HuntAbout Elena Ramshaw Hunt:I’m an avid crocheter and yarn-a-holic! My Grandmother taught me the art of crochet when I was 10 and as a young woman the bug really caught me. With 40 years of crochet experience, I have taught and shared my love of crochet to many people in my community and in 2013 I began Beatrice Ryan Designs (named after my grandmother) where I design free crochet patterns including my Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series that is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.I live in a small Northern California mountain community. I have 3 grown children and 2 beautiful Grandchildren! I work full-time as an Administrative Assistant for a Forest Products Company and I love to spend my time with my family, crocheting and gardening.

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