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What to Do for Relaxation Day + 6 Patterns

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What to Do for Relaxation Day + 6 Patterns

Summer is the perfect time to take it easy, but you can really put your feet up on August 15th. It’s Relaxation Day, so we’re thinking of ways to celebrate. One excellent way to relax is by grabbing your latest WIP. Crafting is proven to have positive effects on stress levels, so it’s no wonder it’s such a popular pastime. We’ve put together some of our most relaxing yarns and patterns in honor of this easy-going day.

Crafting for Relaxation

There has been increasing interest in the past few years regarding the positive health benefits of crafting. Especially since these effects can be measured now by scientific means. In an article for CNN, Jacque Wilson writes: “Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say. It may also ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging.”

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And if you’re looking for another vote of confidence, then turn to Albert Einstein. Dr. Sarah McKay writes for MindBodyGreen that he was “reputed to have knitted between projects to ‘calm his mind and clear his thinking’.” So, it’s truly a genius move when you take up your crafting on a lunch break or at the end of a long day!

6 Patterns for Relaxation

When you’re sitting down for a relaxing crafting session, the pattern can make all the difference. Here are 6 patterns that are either fairly easy to work, or feature a particularly relaxing yarn, or both. First, three gorgeous knit shawls.

Knitted Relaxation

Our Drop Stitch Shawl (Knit) will take two skeins of our new Rewind Yarn, in a very happy-making color – Make Lemonade. Perhaps you can meditate on the name while knitting for an added mood boost! If you choose to cast on the Marietta Shawl (Knit), then you’ll need just one cake of Shawl in a Cake in Sun Salutations. This beautiful blue-green blend will give you relaxing yoga vibes as you stitch. Another cake project is the Easy Triangle Shawl (Knit), which has some lovely little details.

Crocheted Relaxation

Our Taos Tunisian Crochet Shawl is made with Shawl in a Ball, in Restful Rainbow. Then there’s the One Ball Scarf (Crochet), which will have you working with our beloved Mandala Yarn. This pattern will be a breeze once you get the hang of it, plus Mandala will take care of the colorwork for you. One more Mandala pattern for our list is the Beginner’s Delight Afghan (Crochet). You’ll use four different colors of Mandala, and one crafter commented, “It came out beautiful. Everyone that saw me working on it loved the way the colors went through the Afghan.”

How do you relax?

So, what do you do to relax? If you’re anything like us here at Lion Brand, then you probably reach for your project-of-the-week. Let us know in the comments if crafting has had a relaxing effect on you, or if there’s a favorite pattern you turn to when you want to chill out. And a happy Relaxation Day to you all!

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  • I choose crochet for relaxation and knitting when I want to find complete peace of mind because I am new to knitting I have to concentrate on each and every stitch and my mind clears of everything I truly feel I’m in a meditative state when I knit. Crocheting is where I prefer to get my yarn fix and it’s always relaxes me, my blood pressure drops to a nice normal level when hook and yarn meet.

    • Hi, Deb – how lovely, that each of these crafts can offer a different, pleasant experience! 🙂

  • I always have more than one crochet project going at a time and my yarn and directions and all the supplies I need are in those clear plastic zipped bags that sheets and blankets come in (I hoard those things). Everything is waiting for me on the couch in my corner and when I’m ready I sit down and zone out. I can get a lot done if I’m determined and if I have a block of time with nothing else scheduled. Since I’m retired I don’t feel guilty I just crochet as long as I want, it’s so satisfying. Right now I’m preparing for my daughters’ baby shower in October. I hope my hands can keep up with my brain!

  • The stitch I go to to relax is the puff stitch or just a simple half double. Lately I have been making hats for children, mainly because they work up quickly and I can use up all those small balls of yarn left over from larger projects.. The only thing is I hate doing the same old patterns over and over and would love to get my hands on something new to try.

  • Yes crocheting is so relaxing. It has helped my anxiety so much that Im starting my own club called the “Stichers & Sippers”
    Its gonna be fun.

    • Hi, Karen – that is such a great idea! Best of luck. 🙂

  • Knit and crochet
    I love knitting Prayer Shawl, especially the Lion Brand pattern of knit three, purl three.. I pray as I knit and crochet, for the recipient.
    I don’t crochet as well, but do simple single and double crochet only, creating my own pattern

    • Hi, Polly Ann – what a beautiful process. That sounds very relaxing and meditative, indeed.

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