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Ramon the Lion Gets a New Scarf

Ramon | Lion Brand NotebookThis is a guest blog post by Carolyn, our customer support supervisor. Her first blog post about Ramon, the lion statue by our NJ office door, can be read here

Back at the Carlstadt office, Ramon was thinking that he needed something new for spring...

Something stylish and fresh...and bold like his roar. After all, his current neckwear was getting tired.

So, he tried out our new color of Neon Pink in our Hometown USA line—what do you think?

Looks like he is ready to kick it into spring with his new look!

The pattern I used was Crocheted Rosettes/Flowers (free on LionBrand.com) – I used the largest size and just didn’t close up the Rosette.

P.S. I like to use this pattern for scarves for other things like stuffed animals and dolls—with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Happy Spring!

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  • Knitting Nana

    Come on people. Ramon is obviously a MALE lion. How about a nice tie in Jets or Giants colors. After all, he lives so close to the stadium, he must have a favorite team. This pink is just to feminine for such a MANLY animal.

  • Yvette

    LOL, Ramon may be male, but he's sure of what he is...in the closet or not, hetero or homo, it makes no difference...he values a gift from the heart, specially made just for him...I think it's cute & adorable.Next time he might get a blue one & then another multicolored, who knows? Thanks, Carolyn, good job!

  • Vickie

    That's so cute!