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Quick Tips for Avoiding Crafting Pain

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Quick Tips for Avoiding Crafting Pain

Crocheting or knitting for long periods of time can cause discomfort. Here are a few tips to avoid crafting pains:

  • Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor. Proper posture reduces strain on your back and shoulders, allowing you to sit and move your arms more comfortably.
  • Use proper lighting. Eye strain can cause headaches and make you feel fatigued.
  • Take frequent breaks. Stop for a moment between rows, roll your wrists, and relax. Walk around the room to stretch your legs.
  • Use wrist-friendly tools. Stress Relief Gloves and Ergonomic Crochet Hooks or knitting needles can help alleviate minor wrist pain.
  • Use circular needles when knitting a large number of stitches. The weight of your item will be equally distributed over the circular cable, and the work can rest on your lap instead of weighing down your needles.

If you experience serious or prolonged wrist pain, consult a physician.

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  • What do you do for fingers that go numb?

  • I rub my wrists, hard, to massage the carpel nerves and shake my hands. At night use some ben gay or something like that. It will be a way to relax the area also. Plus the suggestions that they posted. If you go to a chiropractor, he will adjust your wrist and elbows and this will also help long term. If you can pop your wrists this helps, but difficult to explain. One or a couple of these will help’ along with the breaks.

  • I have purchased some magnetic bracelets and they help me a lot.  No sleepy fingers, no pain in wrists.  They are great.

  • Numb fingers is often caused by carpal tunnel.  Put your hands together in a “prayer” pose then press and pull hands downward until you feel a good stretch.  This was a Dr. Oz tip and really helps.  While holding the prayer it doesn’t hurt to pray.

  • Thank you for the tips.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  • Take extra B vitamins. It really helps everything work well. Naturemade stress vitamins are great. I tried all the brands, and they work the best, especially if you have carpal trouble.

  • My problem is inner elbow pain what can I do to help alleviate this?

  • Put your arms out to your sides parallel to the floor (so you look like the letter “t”) with your palms forward. Slowly pull everything to the back (“easing into it” like they used to say in yoga class), imagining that you’re trying to touch your fingertips in back of you. You should feel the stretch in your fingers, palms, arms, shoulders and back. The longer you do it, the more you should keep stretching backward. Helps the carpal tunnel syndrome (which I feel originates in my shoulders, not my wrists), the arthritis and the old age. I came up with this on my own and have been doing it for years. Hope it helps you.

    • Thank you I’ll try this and see if it helps.  Merry Christmas.

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  • What are ergonomic knitting needles?   I use bamboo needles, circular, most of the time. I have heard about square needles but don’t want to give up the bamboo features.  I have had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery that came from over crocheting.  I also have had to get cortisone shots for trigger fingers in my left hand…..and I don’t type for a living.  

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Karen in Albany, NY

  • When I knit I always  keep my right needle tucked  in underneath my right armpit..  The needle is stable and  you don’t have to keep moving your right wrist back and forth as I have seen other knitters do. Of course this cannot be accomplished with a circular needle or if you are knitting socks on 4 needles.  However, for me it is a nice change every once in a while to use the circular needle or the 4 needles.   

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  • Since I changed to Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks I haven’t had pain in my hands when crocheting, the shape of them means I don’t need to use any pressure to keep the hook in the correct position.

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