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Quick Quiz! How Do Knitting and Crochet Make You Feel?

We've heard so many stories of how knitting or crocheting has helped people feel better.  Now's your chance to weigh in and be counted. In this quick quiz you can tell us specifically what crafting with yarn has done for you.  We're looking forward to hearing from you and to sharing what our community thinks.

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  • Barbara Dixon

    I think your survey on how knitting or crocheting makes you feel, should have had a "sometimes" option. For instance, sometimes I am frustrated if I don't understand the directions or have misinterpreted the directions. Also, I don't think knitting or crocheting is an all or nothing thing. Sometimes it makes me happy; sometimes I am just anxious to get a piece finished in time for a birthday or Christmas.

  • Cuejoe's Grandma

    I didn't always want to put No, but it wasn't a yes answer. Sometimes if I crochet too much with heavy yarn, it causes my FMS or Arthritis to hurt, but if I don't over do it, it takes my mind off of it. I sometimes start with a pattern, but don't really like how it came out, so I go My Way on the piece, so it makes me feel creative. It teaches me how to do something new. I don't know a lot, and sometimes start something, then get stuck, and that makes me upset I can't do it. But if I go back later, I might understand it better. Or I look it up on internet.

  • Robin Mooney

    I agree with Barbara Dixon...sometimes is a good answer because the only real Yes or No is whether to do the project or not. I can start a project with enthusiasm, get frustrated with my yarn choice or time frame or instructions, feel victorious when I finish the item and overcome the frustrations, and feel happy when the item is received with joy...

  • Elaine

    I used to crochet and wonder if others feel as i do...when you can't do it anymore (arthritis). It feels like a loss when you don't have that creative outlet. I still receive the Lion Brand emails and enjoy looking at the patterns and reading the stories. I've taken up other hobbies, but none are as satisfying as crocheting the perfect baby item, prayer shawl, hat etc...