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Quick Poll: What’s Your Style?

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Quick Poll: What’s Your Style?

Do you tend to make one favorite pattern over and over again when you knit or crochet for yourself and for friends or do you look for new patterns for your next project?

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  • I tend to look for new patterns if it’s a bigger project (blankets, sweaters) because my attention span won’t allow me to look at the same pattern for another project – especially considering how long it takes me to finish anything these days. 🙂

    Smaller projects though (i.e. socks, hats), lately – I’ve just been using the same patterns over and over.

  • Sometimes I do an old pattern, sometimes I look for a new pattern. It depends on several factors: Is there a time deadline, how recently I completed the old pattern, will I be knitting while doing something else, how well does it fit.

  • I prefer new patterns, because i always want to do so many things.

  • I always look for new patterns. The only time I have remade a pattern is when someone has specifically requested it.

    I haven’t been knitting and crocheting very long (only about a year) so I guess I am in a phase where I’m constantly looking for new patterns so I can learn new stitches and techniques.

  • I am a new knitter so I look for new patterns so I can expand my skills.

  • I look for new patterns for large projects but use the same basic pattern base for smaller projects like hats, socks and baby things.

  • I can only think of one time in 40 years that I’ve made a sweater more than once (except for reknitting for corrections, which I do quite often). Socks on the otherhand, 4 out of 5 are just a plain vanilla stockinette.

  • I have a couple of old stand-bys that I always use, but I am always looking for new patterns. I have a crochet hat that I make, and knitted baby booties that are my signature baby gift, but other than that I always want to try out something new.

  • That comes with a “it depends”….I make a lot of the same pattern for gifts: bags, wash cloths, fingerless gloves but I do “special” gifts and those are always different patterns

    So if it’s for my coworkers and I need 20? Same pattern. Mom? New pattern.

  • I always look for new patterns. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for 37 years. (Whaooo…how did that happen… I’m too young). And I always want to make something new for gifts, and for myself.

  • I’m usually looking for new patterns. I love different textures and patterns. Besides — I don’t want to give the “same” gift twice.

  • Yes! I tend to knit and/or crochet a basic top-down percentage cardigan over and over again, just chaning up the yarn and stitch patterns.

  • I basically make baby blankets for family members and for Project Linus. Every so often, I’ll go looking for something new to do, but time and again I return to my old reliables. I think it’s because I know how the pattern works and if I’m pressed for time, I know I won’t be pulling my hair out if the pattern doesn’t make sense.

  • I am always looking for cute patterns, so I usually have a ton of things that are waiting for me to make. So, I am always making something different.

  • It depends on what I make. I use the same patterns for baby socks and hats. When I make blankets and shawls, I start out using a pattern. After a little bit, I usually don’t like the way it is turning out so I take it out. I end up using one of my stitch pattern books or use my own variation of stitches to finish.

    I love patterns and have two expandable folders full of them.

  • I am always on the lookout for new patterns. And I also like to create patterns of my own from time to time because I have ideas that I want to see if I can make come true 😉

    Trying new patterns, and creating patterns gives me new challenges that makes knitting even more fun and rewarding for me than it already is.

  • I tend to do the same or similar patterns over and over again, I have my old stand bys, but… I am constantly searching for printing out and buying new patterns, when I find one I love it becomes one I turn to and carry with me always. I love to learn new stiches and patterns. I also do alot of yarn craft while my mind is other wise occupied and so I alwyas have one of those, “I don’t have to think about it” patterns being owrked on somewhere in my bag!

  • I tend to look for new patterns because I love knitting up new projects all the time, and searching for new patterns relaxes me.

    As I have 3 or 4 projects on the go, I have many more projects in mind! I have some sock and washcloth patterns that I do again for moments when I can knit and chat at the same time: when on the go or at my knitting club meetings!

  • It totally depends on the project and the time frame I have for working on a gift. For myself, I like to use new patterns – for others, more often I use tried and true ones because I’m often working under a tighter deadline/due date.

  • When I’m making afghans, lap ghans, or other good sized pieces I don’t remake the same pattern. You can walk through my house and see all the different kinds of afghans I’ve made. The same is true of clothing. The joy is in mastering a new pattern.

    That said bath mitts, wash cloths, dish towels are the same patterns I’ve made forever. I can put a movie on or a book on tape and mindlessly knit or crochet.

  • I look for new patterns or let people chose the one they want so I can learn and ‘play’ at the same time.

  • Instead of repeating old patterns I like to look at the new patterns . However when it comes to doilies , tablecloths, or bedspreads I think the old patterns are more intricate and I like that type of challenge.

  • I consider myself a newish knitter and I have found that I am attracted to new patterns for the variety and learning experience but I have repeated one pattern a bunch. It’s an easy but beautiful pair of fingerless gloves. I’ve had no less than 5 requests for them. So while I’m preparing for the fabulous purse pattern 60402 on LB (in red for me!) I’m desperately trying to finish #4 of the gloves and hoping that no one asks me for another pair!

  • I explore new patterns obsessively. There are many projects sprawled all over my house, but sometimes I just knit a plain old garter stitch scarf, just like in the beginning days of my knitting experience.

  • New, new, new patterns….. except for a few quick gift favorites which I may make several times, but always in new yarn or new colors.

  • New, I like most of us find the challenge of learning a new pattern exciting and welcome, so yes, i will tend to pick a new pattern.
    Yet (oh, yes, there is always the ‘yet’) if it is a project (such as the lovely knit a long shrug) that requires exact fit, or is a learning experience in of itself) etc… i follow along as i should. Other wise, i try and design, plan, and knit up all sorts of new things for myself and others (i am thinking of scarves, hats (especially hats), bags, household items, or other more forgiving items, i boldly go where i have not gone before…
    thanks for asking


  • One pattern I have used over and over again is the one on the Lion Brand Pound of Love. It is for a baby hooded blanket. I usually eliminate the hood, add another inch or two and then add a border. The only color I never seem to get to use is pink and lavender. My favorite is the green, yellow, white, and antique white. Right now I’m doing a pastel green for a July boy.

  • Both actually. I tend to go back to a pattern that I really enjoy giving as a gift and make that over and over. (Currently it is coffee sleeves.) Then I also will repeat a pattern twice–once for each daughter! Other than that I really prefer a new pattern each time–and yarn. The yarn is always a new choice–even for repeated patterns.

  • I’m also split between new and repeated patterns. I love learning new crochet stitches, but when I’m under some type of time constraint I usually fall back on a few familiar items.

  • I like to try new patterns, but sometime when a pattern is more difficult then expected and I have ironed out the problems, doing it a second time is much easier.

  • I make different things, but sometimes make the same thing varying the colors.

  • I love doilies, purses, & market totes. But once I make a pattern, I usually don’t do it again for 3-5 years. Once the puzzle is solved it’s just not the same. I love the challenge of super difficult patterns & trying out new yarns. I’ve been trying to sell some of my stuff (hopefully this summer will be better at craft fairs, etc.) My kids all know where to come when they need a wedding, birthday, orbaby gift. I have a cedar chest full of goodies.

  • I really like to try out new patterns. It’s like a challenge to me (can I do it well). And it’s always fun to tweek them to make them all yours.

  • I pick patterns that can be useful for special or everyday wear. Of course, I want to have a challenge. I’ll pick a pattern with a new twist or technique (stitch) I haven’t conquered yet. Your patterns, by far, are the best to be had.

  • A lot of my knitting is socks and such, that I usually have a pattern memorized for. I do branch off and try new patterns if I’m intrigued by them.

  • cotton baby socks are the best, i don’t like to put nylon socks over my baby feet:;-

  • I go for new patterns. I need the change to keep up with my ADHD. Besides, there are so many great patterns out there that it is hard to keep up. I am worried that I won’t be able to knit/crochet everything I want to before I die. O.o

  • I like to make baby blankets and afaghans for the home. I’m always trying new patterns but I have a favorite baby blanket pattern that I use. I think that my new favorite Afaghan pattern is the Granny Square.

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