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Quick Poll: What Are “Baby” Colors?

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Quick Poll: What Are “Baby” Colors?

When you make a baby blanket, sweater or other baby garments, what family of colors do you prefer: pastels or brights?

(Click the items below for patterns/details.)

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  • I believe that the colors a baby is dressed in TOTALLY depend on the parents! If you know the parents, you should be able to pick colors that will actually be used. If you have questions it’s beter to ask than to put all the time and effort into something that won’t be used. For instance, my son-in-law refused to put my grandson in light blue. Go figure.

  • I like bright colors. I think that pastels are cute but bright colors really pop and are happy looking. I agree with Linda that you might see what the parents prefer, but I like working with bright colors for babies.

  • I agree, for me it mostly comes down to what the parents are like.

    For my OWN babies, should I ever have them, I think I will prefer bright colors.

  • I generally dislike pastels and am almost always drawn to vivid colors.

  • It’s all about the BRIGHT colors with babies! I’ve heard that babies can only see bright colors, so I usually go for soft, bright colored DK weight yarns and skip right over the pastels.

  • As many have stated a lot depends on the parents. I like both vivid and pastel, but I find it difficult to find boy pastels. I feel very limited by the lightness of the blues, greens and yellows and they are often kind of shiny so they look girly. Mostly I want “normal” people colors but in a baby weight yarn.

  • I tend to like pastels on new babies. After they are a couple months old, I like the brighter colors.

  • Whatever colors I feel like making baby stuff in 😉

  • Personally, I am a fan of bright colors for little ones. I think they are more stimulating and not so drab to look at. But, in the end, it is all about what colors the parents prefer…since they are the ones who will have to look at the items the most!!!

  • I like to use lighter colors with bright accents given the choice. 🙂

  • i try to ask the parents, but my preferred palette is a more modern muted colour (cotton-ease preference is taupe, hazelnut, cactus, stone) and i will only knit or crochet pink or blue if i’m specifically asked or doing a pile of charity garments.

  • I also prefer a bright palette. I also have heard that little ones see bright colors more clearly. Also, I find baby pastels slightly limiting.

  • I like bright colors but not the neon-bright shades. I also like the muted shades and some less common colors but if a parent is set on something, that’s what I’ll do. My boys got whatever I could find 30 years ago.

  • It depends entirely on the parents concerned – I made one blanket in sage green, lilac and aubergine for one baby girl, the colors were to match the decoration of her nursery. I have also given pink blankets and cream, depending on the preferences of the person receiving the gift. There isn’t a set rule anymore in my book.

  • I like cheery colors, “bright” pastels, if that makes sense, for infants. Pastel colors that are clean, not washed out. I also like to use non-traditional pastels. For example, I love using coral as a main color or for accents against blue. I prefer light purple for girls. Coral was hard to find until recently (thanks Vanna!).

    However, I love to make the fruit hats for the new additions – Lion Brand website has a cute pattern for an apple hat using the chenille – and for those apple and pumpkin hats I’m all about vivid colors.

  • I usually use pastels.

  • I don’t usually buy “baby yarn” for anything, and especially not for babies. The colors are hard and almost flourescent. Very ugly.

    I like brights and soft, medium colors for babies. I also sometimes choose darker colors.

    I also prefer fingering and sport weight yarn for babies.

  • Black, definitely all black.

    Ok, that’s a joke… I prefer bright colors. Pastels seem washed out and fade into the background. An interesting combination is different tones of the same color- perhaps a combination of pastel and bright purples/lavendars. Done right, it can be very pretty!

    And sometimes black.

  • It depends on what kind of mood I’m in when I buy my yarn. I’ve done projects in all sorts of colors and hues.

  • I usually use pastels, but I recently got tired of doing everything so light, so for a friend who was having twin boys I used neon yarns in orange, blue, yellow, and green. She LOVED the blankets and kept on talking about how wonderfully different they were. I also noticed when my daughter was young that she gravitated toward brighter colors.

  • I think today, pretty much either way is perfectly fine. We, as adults, dress to match our moods and personalities…why shouldn’t it be the same for the yoiungest set? I enjoy using both a pastels and brights. There’s a softness associated with the traditional pastels and a real whimsy offered when using a vibrant palette. Where ever the muse takes you…follow! Baby will look ADORABLE either way! 🙂

  • It difinitely not the traditional pink and blues. I love to knit for the expectant mom, no one wants pink or blue, they prefer green, yellow white and not pastels. It seems any color is better than pink and blue. One lady having a girl wanted a purple and pink blanket, another wanted lilac, times have changed.

  • I think its a little funny this subject came up. I was just shopping for yarn for a baby the other day. My BEST friend/sister is having her first baby(third pregnancy) and we just found out its a boy. I did not want to get the traditional pastel blue. I’m making a blankie and I wanted something that would still be usable for a few years. I went for a beautiful bright blue and a nice dark green. Personally I think bright colors are definitely in for babies. For my own children I don’t do pastels. I like bright colors.

  • I do not usually care for pastels, but recently a friend gave me some yarn that she had inherited, so I am combining the blue and pink and making lots of baby hats. I just found that I couldn’t work with single baby weight because I couldn’t see what I was doing! I made a baby blanket with Cotton-ease using muted colors and loved it. I will probably work with it more in the future. Basically though I like warm rich colors.

  • I generally go to softer colours for newborn sizes and brights for 9 months and up. And I avoid yellow at all costs — I don’t think it suits any baby.

  • I think it depends on the project and the weight of the yarn. I tend to use brighter colors for blankets and heavier weight sweaters and lighter colors for more delicate projects. I do try to use something other than the traditional pink or blue. I’ve done a blue/brown/yellow/white blanket, a blue/brown variegated sweater, and a purple sweater with green trim.

  • I love the brights for babies.

  • @Rhiannon – black may actually be a great idea, esp for parents that are not quite so ‘traditional’ 🙂

  • @phillygirl64 I agree, black is lovely at all ages (my fave). I do like the opportunity for brights at the young ages ~ cupcakes and butterflies and other cuties ~ because it’s usually not as easy to do that when they are older!

  • Most of the baby blankets I make are at the request of others and I usually go by request. However, my personal choice varies by pattern. However, I am more prone to the bright primary colors because it aids in eye development and babies notice lights and bright colors at a very, very early age. It helps train their eyes to focus. Yet I’m still partial to baby pinks and blues. The last baby blanket I completed was variegated red, white, and blue. Gorgeous!

  • For newborns I might pick a traditional baby color but if the parents seem like they are bright color people so be it. My friends daughter-in-law doesn’t like pale colors, so a pound of love in the denim blue was what I used. A co-worker is due just before Christmas and I plan a red and white blanket. The color of any project has to fit item. Every little boy needs a red sweater and I will be making one for my grandson, he’13 mos. Our moms tell us pink and brown are this year’s faves for girls.

  • Pastels for baby afgans and bright colours for clothes. I have a yarn that is ‘baby’ pink, but it has flecks of bright colour in it. Knits up a treat!


  • Has to be brights/bolds for babies…in almost all cases they look better in bolds/brights…

  • I have used both the brights and the pastels. It’s whatever pops out at me at the time I do the yarn selection for the project. Though I have a tendency to use brights if I know it’s a boy and pastels for a girl. But that is not cast in stone!!! I have even mixed it up and used both in the same project – it was a stunning afghan when completed!!!!

  • I like pastels for newborns and Easter. Other than that, it depens on the eye color of the baby. Usually if you look at the things in the baby registry you can find out what the parents want to see their child in. A few years ago, a friend had a baby on the way and I found yarn that completely matched the bedding set she registered for, so it was really easy to make a blanket.

  • I visualize in all sorts of colors for babies. I have used the usual baby blue, pink, yellow, and green. I have also used peach and lavender together for a blanket and off white and baby blue. I tend to think outside the box. I think primary colors are appropriate because babies like bright colors.

  • I like both pastels and brights for babies and agree with those who say to look at what the parents like and make something they would like for the baby. For charity things I use a lot of brights.

  • I have a favorite baby sweater that is made with worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles. It is hooded and buttons down the front. I have used all kinds of color combinations, from white, pastels and brights. I even did one in black and white that was a huge hit with the mom. Sometimes I combine varigated yarns with solids that adds a little interest.

  • I like brights. I especially like doing projects with the primary and secondary colors. They look so happy and festive.

  • I prefer brights in a color that will suit a boy or girl.

  • I prefer pastels. To me they are more suited to the little ones.

  • I totally prefer pastels for babies. To each their own

  • Brights! Bright, cheery, fun colors galore!

  • I prefer earthy, natural tones for my baby. I just made him a sweater out of wool-ease in paprika with matching leg warmers and slippers! He’s got a burgundy hat. A sage green summer vest in a nice light cotton. My husband’s family is Hungarian, and his coloring just goes wonderfully with the earthy tones!

  • I think green and yellow are neutral, baby-oglers rely on parents colour coding their babies!!! But when I make things I love using variegated pastels even when I know the sex. I usually make a few things so it gives me a chance to make at least one item with this yarn and a thing or two thats colour coded!!

  • I prefer pastels myself. If the sex of the baby is known then I will choose the traditional girl/boy colors.

  • I prefer pastels for newborns; after that I prefer the brighter, cheerier colors. While babies like bright colors, sometimes newborns are overstimulated by them, and there’s no way to know ahead of time whether the baby will be affected that way.

  • My vote is for brights– pure primary and secondary colors, and deep pastels (Easter egg colors– rose, salmon, goldenrod, grass green, robin egg blue, etc), possibly combined with balck and/or white. High contrast ombres/variegated skeins, too.

  • I like to use a mix of pastels and brights, although sometimes it depends on the pattern. I don’t usually use the traditional colors… the last baby girl sweater I made was light green with bright red, blue and yellow flowers. For me it’s all about having fun with different yarns and thinking a little out of the box.

  • I much prefer bright colors. Pastels are too watered down! I really don’t care for pink, so I definitely like using other colors for little girls. And no neutrals!! ICK!!

  • I prefer the pastel colors for baby things.

  • I like bright colors

  • I like both-depends on the family the outfit is going to. I love generic outfits to be pastel, but if the parents are into sports, love ‘crayon’ colors-basic colors for matching sports teams colors. Please keep the ‘original crayola 8’ in stock!

  • Brights are WAY better. They’re more stimulating for babies too.

  • I’m totally into making baby clothes! Baby boom at work has kept me busy. I tend to use pastels for boys & brighter colors for girls. Of course, I try to get color ideas from the mommy – she’s the one who knows what colors she wants for her baby.

  • I like soft pastels for girls and bright colors for boys.

  • I love and use them both. It depends on what I’m making and for whom, the personality of the baby and the personality of the parents. I will admit I’m drawn to bright colors generally but I also love pastels for little babies.

  • As a Mom to a 5 year old and a 6 month old, I prefer to receive and make gifts in vivid colors. If someone is going to take the time to hand make me a gift, I want something that stands out from the store bought stuff.

  • I personally don’t like pastels. I normally choose a neutral color unless I know what the parents like.

  • Brights all the way!!! Pastels… ho hum! Can’t stand lemon or mint… bleuch! Having said that, my babies have been dark haired so brights look good on them but other babies do (I have to admit! ;-)) look better in pastels…

  • I love brights for babies! That’s what I’ve always made for my boys.

  • Brights after the first couple of months. And please, no earth tones! That’s just yucky.

  • I totally believe that baby colors are whatever colors the outfit is made of. Any colors, including camo can be made into baby outfits, and can look really cool.

  • I love seeing newborns in white and cream, and pastels, better still if they are in knits or crochet, as they look so snuggly in them.

  • I’ve been knitting baby items forever and have noticed many new Mothers prefer bright colors over pastels. I still like the pastels for new babies – brighter colors as they get older.

  • I prefer pastel colors for newborns, but if the parent prefers bright colors, then I respect that preference.

  • As a kid, when first started to knit, I was told that babies always wear pastels. Times have changed. Vivid colors are all the rage now. For each of my four children, I always had them in pastels early on and then changed to bright colors at around 3-4 months.

  • I made an incredibly bright afghan for my now 9 year old granddaughter Caitlin, my darling daughter wondered if I had lost my mind, but guess what? The baby and now the little girl loves it!!!! So my vote would be for bright. It was fun to make was my initial motivation though!

  • Pastels until 1 yr for girls and 6 mo for boys

  • I believe you have to know the parents and their likes and dislikes and take it from there

  • I’m a big fan of the trend toward brighter baby colors. Pastels get dirty and tend to look the same (anyone else ever stared at a skein wondering if it was pale yellow, cream, or white?). Pastels are cute for special occasions (Easter, Christenings, etc), but bright colors say “Look at my cute kid!” 😀

  • I usually make baby items in bright colors, the exception is when i know that the new mom prefers pastels, then i go with a pastel.

  • The brighter the better 🙂

  • For an afghan, rich colors more than bright or pastel is what I go for. I just did a Lion Brand Blankie in purple, orange, brown, lt. green, lt. blue. The combo was great – the Mom loved it.
    However, for a newborn traditional layette I like pastel or off white.

  • I prefer bright for my baby since bright color represents bright ideas,passion,rejoice, and vitality, that I want my baby to absorb it 🙂

  • If I’m making baby items for people I know, then of course I’ll try to follow their preferences. If I’m making items for charity, then I’ll usually use pastels because that’s the standard.
    In my own experience, pastels have one advantage over brights. Most colors fade a bit after stain removal; it’s not so noticeable with pastel items as with brights.
    Interestingly enough, studies that I heard of some years ago showed that very young babies can’t see pastel colors very well. They seem to prefer bright colors with a strong contrast, like a combination of white, black, and red!

  • My personal preference is for happy fresh bright colors, and combinations that look good together. There are pastels that are too pale and don’t have character. I avoid those because after a lot of washing they look old and dull. I sometimes contrast a pastel with a bright.

    However, I do not impose these things on the recipient if it’s a gift. I ask the parents what their preference or the child’s preference is, because things they don’t like don’t get used, or are only used for emergencies.

  • I prefer interesting shades of pastels. Pale orange, sea foam green, etc. The lighter colors hilight the baby’s natural beauty. Their bright eyes, skin tone, etc.

  • I love bright colors for babies.

  • I like all sorts of colors on babies… pastel, bright, primary, and even non-traditional colors. I make baby clothes for charity, and often will use professional, college or high school team colors for the locale to which I’m donating. This sometimes works best for older babies due to yarn selection. I have no problem doing the same for newborns if/when I can find non-traditional colors in a yarn of the right softness and weight.

  • Newborns should be Pastels, Toddlers are Brights!

  • I would like to see more variety in colors in baby weight yarns. Colors that match school colors of universities or professional teams would be nice so I can make garments that fit the loyalties and aspirations of the parents are near impossible to find. I’d like chocolate and sage colors, too, that are in baby weight.

  • I reallly like to crochet baby items with a sports weight yarn. Most of these are in soft pastel colors or varigated pastels.
    It would be great if these sports weight yarns could have some bright primary colors too.
    Babies like the colors red, bright blue, greens and yellows too.
    Wonder why none of the yarn companies have thought about this???

    Zontee says: Hi Kudzu, don’t forget to check out the brights available in sport-weight Babysoft. Hope that helps!

  • I like to do crib blankets that can double as lap blankets. I make them in mostly earth tones so that if a child grows up and loves his “baby” blanket he can take it with him and no one will know it is his “baby” blanket.

  • I now have 5 grandchildren and as I think back I have usually used pastels but I do like to use bolder colours when the kids get older. When I don’t know the babies gender I usually use white or a neutral, such as yellow. This back-fired on me with my 2nd grand-daughter last year as she had a bit of jaundice and the yellow blanket made her look very yellow! I prefer to use “baby yarns” as they are softer which is so nice next to baby’s skin.

  • Babies love brights. That’s what I use for blankets. But for clother,the moms usually prefer pastels, so I use pale green.

  • Pastels. I made a baby afghan with all the baby colors I love it.

  • I prefer bright colors on babies. Pastels are OK for newborns but I like brights overall.

  • I prefer the soft pastels for infants. For toddlers I prefer bright but not harsh colors. Always a soft yarn though. I do wish there was a red baby yarn. At Christmas I can never make hats, etc. with red yarn unless I use a regular weight yarn.

    Zontee says: Hi Lynn, Vanna’s Choice Baby is a great baby range of soft, easy-care yarn, and it includes a gorgeous red called “Cheery Cherry” — hope that helps!

  • I’ve a 3 mo son, and I wish I could find more brights and neutrals for him- it’s all pastels that are available commercially. And yes, I said neutrals- they make the pastels and brights more wearable. I don’t want my son to look like a confectioner made him, thanks.

    Zontee says: Hi Nakia, have you check out the bright Vanna’s Choice Baby collection? It mixes perfectly with the regular adult Vanna’s Choice collection, so you have a lot more color options (both brights and neutrals) all in a machine-washable, worsted-weight that works up fast. It’s a great way to break out of the pastels, and many stores carry these two Vanna’s Choice collections, so ask in your local craft store!

  • I like Linda’s answer. The last set I made was white with medium blue trim and a black and white trim it matched the onesie and matched the parents choices. Normally I think Black is not an acceptable color for babies but a touch of black looked nice. Neutrals are always good and I like pastels but they do look nice with a splash of bright colors, and bright colors look great but prefer them once the child is out of the infant stage.

  • Whenever I have made baby things in the past, I always went for the pastels. Recently, my friends are using the brighter colors and I really like them. Brighter colors are really cheery.

  • I use whatever I have. I buy my yarn from thrift stores, so it depends on what has been donated to them. In other words, I use both pastels & bright colors.
    Last year, though, I made a baby blanket that wasn’t all that traditional, in that it had colors such as red, dark blue & black, in stripes. (along with some baby colors). The parents later told me seemed to like that blanket because she would lie on her tummy & point at the different colors 🙂

  • I prefer bright/bold colours for boys since it appears less girly. I like a varigated mix too. A bright colour with white or a neutral makes the bright colours pop without being overwhelming. Makes everyone happy! 🙂

  • I like to use baby colors . I like the all nat. colors to and what fells soft .I like to use the ECO.yarn know. and it can go with anything.

  • For years I’ve used pastels, but never dull-looking or washed out ones. For girls I often use white for sweater sets and blankets because they go with everything. Recently I got brave and made up a striped sweater set, hat, and blanket, using predominately white with all of Vanna’s baby colors, in an older baby size. At the shower I was a bit nervous, hoping the mom would get at least one outfit that would look okay with it. Imagine my surprise when she got at least 20 different outfits that would look adorable with it, matching my colors perfectly! Now my daughter has me making one for her toddler daughter. I’d like to send Lion Brand Yarn a picture and the pattern, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. I know people would love making it and receiving it.

    Zontee says: Hi Randi, click here to share your project in our Customer Gallery.

  • I am in agreement that “baby” colors are not really “baby” colors at all. They are parent’s colors. And even more than that, they are what society deems as “baby” colors.

    For instance, who ever said that pink was for girls and blue for boys? Are they not just two random colors that someone one day decided, “Hey, these should be gender defined specifically for one sex or the other.” And then BAM, we’ve got pink butterflies and blue dinosaurs.

    I think in general, “baby” colors should just be stimulating for the child, or calming, depending on the desired affect on your child. Then, as the child grows, give them plenty of colors to choose from and let them latch onto their own choice.

    Frankly, as an artist, I want my child to love all colors… and I believe that dressing them or accessorizing them in any and every color is a great way to build character.

  • I’m tired of seeing pastel pink for girls and powder puff blue for boys. When I was pregnant for my son I tried to find some of the baby-soft type yarns in colors like sage green, teal and chocolate… no such luck. I was suck with pale blue, white or yellow. YUCK.

  • baby colors are definitely pastels. Dark colors are too old looking on babies. Let them be little cuddly babies while they can, they grow up too fast as it is.

  • I like bold colors .. I think that pastels are out dated but I agree with the previous posts that its up to the parents and what their style is and what kind of colors they like.

  • Definitely not pastels, until the child can see them. Children should be dressed in any color that complements their complexion, just like adults. Also, bright colors and exciting patterns interest the infant and toddler, while pastels do not.

  • i love bright colors its so nice to see a stach of yarn in all those beutifull bright colors and babys look adorable in them i think that the idea of dreessing a baby or chield in pastel colors is not very helpfull i mean think about it i have a 3 year but it actully feels like i have 5 insted of one and to put that little guy in pastels colors = lods and lods of loundry so igree when you put that time and efforto to knit something you should investigate the life style of the little person is going well not investigate dont want peop;le thinking your phyco but to ask the parents how clean or dirty the little person is who wants to spend countless hours in beutifulll whitwe blanket and see it two days good enough to moop floor.

  • Left to my own devices I prefer to knit neutrals or pastels for infants. That does not mean gender-determined pink & blue. Once they start toddling on their own brighter hues & strong primary colors can come into play. I hate seeing babies or toddlers in clownish designs & colors. They will not thank their parents for those oh-so-cute & oh-so-twee outfits when the pictures are hauled out for viewing years later.

  • I like neutrals and more vibrant colors than pastels. Since I really don’t like pink, I never make anything pink, even for girls. Parents of little girls often appreciate having one thing that’s NOT pink, even when they don’t share my aversion 🙂

  • brights almost every time. second choice for me is not one of the choices: natural, neutral, “earth tones”. I don’t knit pastels.

  • I enjoy using pastels and mostly variagated when you don’t know what the sex of the baby is going to be. It’s just VERY difficult to find in my area.

  • I pick bright colors, I think the baby is attracted to the bright yarns!

  • my choice tends to migrate to the bright and also nuetrals. In making something for a baby that is not a wearable I hope that it is a gift that will be used for many years to come so I look for colors that will work at any age as the child grows.

  • I tend to pick a color that will make the item I am making have you say aw when you see the child wearing it. I love bright baby colors.

  • I used to think only pastels for babies, but now think bright colours are much better. I also am not crazy about the pink/blue girl/boy thing, so try and choose colours that are gender neutral.

  • I know it’s all about personal preference, but I can’t STAND pastels. I’ll second Penny above in preferring more modern muted/earthy colors.
    I recently did a three-color blanket in cream, taupe and paprika. It was beautiful!

  • I agree that the colors totally depend on the parents- mainly the mom. If she is outgoing and fun, I use bright colors, if she is quiet and shy I use soft subtle colors. If I am not sure, I simply ask what they would prefer.

  • I prefer bright colors. There’s new research showing bright primary colors help a baby’s brain development. However, between us, that’s an excuse. I HATE making baby blue or baby pink items! LOL!

  • Bright colors absolutely! I really dislike pastels.

  • I think it sort of depends on the project. I’ve made traditional, lacy-style layette sweaters in pastels in “baby yarn”; adult-style cable pullovers in jewel tones in worsted weight; baby blankets in variegated pink/white boucle and grass greens/white cotton and in burgundy and silver chenille; kimonos in pink boucle and in lavender DK; and a fleece hoodie in neon lime green (like lime sherbet) with the hood and pocket in variegated white/green/turquoise/yellow. Everything I’ve ever made has been loved by the parents. I do try to go by what I know of the character and preferences of the parents, while also stretching them a little to consider new ideas. So I might use a traditional colour but with a modern, outside-the-box style, or vice versa. I love the idea above of a blanket in paprika, taupe and cream. Sounds luscious! I also like the idea of making a blanket that can still be useable years later, but do they hang onto them that long? In my family, stuff always got passed down the line… Recently I attended a shower for a baby girl, and there were 4 handmade blankets: three in bubblegum pink and one in squares of variegated blues/lavenders and white (mine).

  • I think that the pastels are fitting for very young babies and newborns while the brighter colors work better for older babies and toddlers! That’s me but it also depends on the pattern and the baby!

  • I prefer pastels in solid or patterns such a stripes appropriate for baby clothes.

  • I don’t get the idea of “baby colors” and often find the best way to choose colors is to consider the whole project. If I am making an item of clothing I like to consider the following:
    1. Where does the baby live?
    2. What will the weather be like where the baby lives?
    3. What season will it be when the baby wears the clothing?
    4. Are my choices limited by yarn type or availability?
    5. Do the parents have any strong feelings about color.
    6. Is the baby a girl or a boy?

    I also have made a big impression doing baby sweaters in the colors of the parents alma mater.

  • I have crocheted for other people bright, pastels, and sport team colors. I also have crocheted the parents choice, and the parents favorite colors example: “Patty” green and dark purple for a boy baby blanket.
    I like bright colors for babies and small children as they prefer them.

  • Generally, I agree with the majority about bright colors and mixing different colors in stripes or accents. However, when my daughter was an infant, my favorite outfit for her was brown velour. She looked (and felt) like a little teddy bear in it. She outgrew it way too fast!

  • I like both pastels and brights…especially as they move from infant to toddler…Also, I wish there were “deeper” cool (vs. warm) blues and greens, especially for boys. Also, I’d like to see something like a double strand pink/blue and blue/green. I’m an amateur but like making coverlets for my grandson, but soon he (or his mom) will shun “baby boy blue(s)” and since I work so long and hard to make a blankie, I want it to be used for years, not mos.

  • Brights, definitely!

    I think there’s nothing cuter than a little red hat or booties. A little bright red vest for either boy or girl is always good, too. A kelly green one with just a few thin turqoise or lime green stripes. Generally, especially if it’s for a preemie, I stay away from yellow tones, as it just accentuates that underlying tone that lots of the little ones have.

    Babies get way too many pastel things — and I especially dislinke the pink-for-girls-blue-for-boys theme. Recogize them as wonderful baby people, rather than categorize them by their plumbing.

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