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Quick Holiday Ornaments to Make Right Now

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Quick Holiday Ornaments to Make Right Now

It’s practically December, which means your holiday decorations are probably already underway. If you are looking to make something new, we have several ornaments that are attractive, fast, and easy.

Sewrella just finished up an ornament crochet-along, and we are selling kits so you can make them now! The kit is currently 25% off. You can also find the patterns at Sewrella’s blog. There’s still time to make one a day until Christmas, or you can do several at once so you can hang them up sooner.

If you don’t crochet, we also have several knit patterns you can make.

Tiny stockings always make a cute decoration, and you can make several to give away as gifts if you like, since they’re pretty quick to finish.

Of course, if you’re feeling traditional, you definitely can’t go wrong with a classic ball-style ornament.

There are a lot of great options for holiday decor knitting and crochet. Since many of the choices out there are relatively small and simple, you still have time to make them. They’re a great way to wind down during the frenzy that this season can create, and you get something beautiful and useful out of it in the end.

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