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Queued Up: WIPs & Dreams

I don’t know about you, but I have a wishlist of patterns that would keep me busy for the rest of my life without ever needing to discover something new. (As if that would ever happen!) These patterns fall into different categories:

  • What I’m actually making
  • what I want to make
  • what I wish I had the time and patience to make
  • what I think is awesome, but would definitely never make.

The “what I’m making” segment never catches up to the other segments no matter how hard I try. And I have this added problem of seeing all the new kits and patterns that Lion Brand releases before they hit the web for you guys. So…. I’ve grudgingly come to terms with the fact I just won’t make everything. And to make myself feel better I share the temptation with you a couple times a month. (You’re welcome!)

What I’m Making

Currently I’m knitting away on a free pattern I discovered while browsing patterns in Homespun® yarn. It’s called the Boxy Cropped Pullover and it was part of 2018’s Color of the Year patterns. (A selection of free patterns worked in our 2018 color palette. You can find all of those patterns on

I’m knitting my version of this slightly smaller (less stitches cast on) and longer than the pattern calls for. For those of you that might be interested in the modifications, progress, and outcome keep an eye out for upcoming posts on Homespun® yarn. And there will definitely be finished photos! Assuming the sweater fits me… (There’s always that moment of truth. You know that one, right? Please let it not just be me…!)

The Queue

Recently I’ve gotten wrapped up in the free patterns section of the Lion Brand site, which you may have guessed from the Boxy Cropped Pullover above. There are several new designs and it’s giving me severe startitis! I’m going to queue up a few of these patterns below.

Knitting Queue

The Hideaway Tunic

Hideaway Tunic

This one is number one on my newly queued and I think it might need to pass by some other things I have on my list. There’s a few things I’m in love with about this one… The easy shape, simple stitches… but what really adds that touch that I love is the cute little cat silhouette! See it there peeking from the pocket? I’m a loud, proud cat lady, so this is the perfect garment to add to my wardrobe. Hideaway is knit up in LB Collection® Cotton Jeans®.

Ombre Layered Tunic

Ombre Layered Tunic

The color is what initially attracted me to this design. It uses a a combination of LB Collection® Baby Alpaca and LB Collection® Hand-Dyed Superwash Merino. The combination of yarn sounds absolutely luscious. (Superwash merino is hands down my favorite fiber.) I love the on-trend length, easy stitches to show the yarn, and wearability. Of course, if cropped isn’t your thing than you can extend the length (just remember this could entail more yardage).

Crochet Queue

Evelina Cabled Wrap

Evelina Cabled Wrap

This one is something my mother would go crazy for. It looks easy to wear and gives comfort an easy style. Something she could wear around the house in place of a cardigan while working on the computer or reading.

The wrap is worked in Vanna’s Choice®, but I think it could also be super cozy worked in Feels Like Butta. However, if I did make this yarn substitution I would expect there might be a few alterations in sizing since Feels Like Butta is a slightly thinner yarn than Vanna’s Choice (even though both as a CYC#4 Worsted Weight).

Artwall Cardigan

Artwall Cardigan

This one appeals to my romantic daydreamy side that wants to sit in a small bookshop with a good novel and a latte. The cardigan is worked in Rewind, which means texture is a definite and it will be breathable as well.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned in a couple weeks for the next round of Queued Up!

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  • I like this idea and no you are not alone in your desire to do it all. My only complaint is one I have had for awhile with the Lion Brand site. It is very evident in the Artwall Cardigan picture above. Please talk to the art department if you can and let them know taking pictures of dark colored projects on very dark backgrounds make it extremely hard to see the definition of the project. Especially for those of us no longer 18 it is nigh impossible to enjoy the photo when it is so dark and no contrast with the item shown.

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