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Queued Up: The Deep Freeze Edition

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Queued Up: The Deep Freeze Edition

I don’t know how it is by you guys, but here in the tristate area it’s cold. Like really, really cold. Sub zero with the wind chill kind of cold. This means two things: I want to stay inside and I want to make something warm. With that in mind I thought it might be appropriate to focus this edition of Queued Up on Wool-Ease Thick & Quick kits and patterns.

wool-ease thick & quick
Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®

Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (aka WETQ for fans “in the know”), has been a favorite for years. Designers love it too and you can tell by taking a look at the Lion Brand kit page for the yarn.

Two of Wands Talks WETQ

This super bulky yarn is a blend of acrylic and wool. It’s warm, works up speedy quick, and comes in a wide range of colors. It’s a yarn that looks good both knit and crocheted and can be used for everything from blankets and home decor to garments to accessories. Thumbs up for versatility. Did I mention it’s also machine washable? Yes!

I have a list a mile long of projects I’d use WETQ for, but I’m going to sum it up now with just my top two knit and top two crochet kits.

My WETQ Queue Kit List

Need to Knit

The Alpine Pullover was designed by Two of Wands. It screams cozy winter days curled up on the couch. With some comfort food, the kitties, and another WIP.

The Cozy Celtic Raglan by Knitatude takes cozy and wraps it up with this cute trendy style. This I dream of wearing when I brave actually going out. Think sitting at the coffee shop with my yarn friends.

Need to Crochet

Does the Cozy Blanket Sweater by Mama in a Stitch even need an explanation why it’s on a Deep Freeze Queue list? Just look at it, it screams snuggles and warmth.

Another Two of Wands design is on my crochet queue. The Tribeca Trench Coat is something I could see throwing on in a chilly indoor space where I wanted to look more sophisticated. Perhaps if company was coming over. Give the illusion of being more “dressed” than sweatshirt. (And making it now means when it gets a little warmer it’s ready to be worn in place of a light coat.)


What “wool” You make during this icy cold weather? Post your project photos on Instagram and tag them with #LionBrand and #WhatWoolYouMake so we can see all of the things!

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  • Where can I find the pattern of the pullover Alpine, without buying the yarn?

  • The Celtic Raglan looks like by croceting the collar, the crocheter ran out of yarn to finish the bottom.

  • Seriously, Two of Wands? When did a 25″ bust get to be XL?

    • Are you looking at the Alpine pullover? I think there is a typo on the page. It’s the width that is 23 (25)” which makes the circumference 46 (50)”.

  • Love the two of wands patterns! I made their Houndstooth Cabin throw in Scarfie yarn and gave it as a wedding present. The bride was thrilled, and as it uses two strands at once (tapestry crochet) it is super warm – almost thermal.

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