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What Did You Make for the Holidays?

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What Did You Make for the Holidays?

Christmas and Hanukkah are finally upon us this weekend, and we have a question for you:



What did you knit or crochet for the holidays?


Some people knit and crochet all of their gifts, while others make decorations. Still others, the incredibly ambitious among us, do both. There are those who make very traditional items, while others go a little more wild. Which are you? Or, did you completely forego holiday yarncrafts this year? Maybe you didn’t have the time, the energy, or the money to do as much crafting. That’s OK, as well.

Let us know in the comments, and happy holidays!

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  • I started on May 1st and made 14 hats, 2 scarves, 2 cowls and 8 purse/pocket tissue packet sweaters.

  • I made two cowls for daughter and daughter in law, a shark blanket cocoon for my grandson and an Afghan pattern by Jody Pylott for my granddaughter. I also made crocheted dish cloths and scrubbies for my neighbors and mailman.

  • Made a Mobius wrap for my stepmother-in-law. Made lots of them for me, along with booties and caps. My guys don’t like yarny stuff. Redecorated a knit stocking with my college son’s nickname, repaired a c2c graphgan pillowcase for my high school son, and am working on an idea for ruffle scarf style garland for the mantel for next year. Plus continuing to work on my temperature blanket for 2016. Love crocheting to Christmas movies =)

  • I knitted bed socks 2 pair, two hats, and two pair of mittens for a very poor church cannot even afford a full time pastor. They will be sold in the thrift shop.

  • I made that garter stitch cuff christmas stocking, for a christmas ornament exchange, and gifts, working on a hooded cowl for a dear friend, in purple!

  • I’m still in the process of knitting infinity scarves (all the gifts are done, though, the current ones are for a future craft bazaar) and crocheting hats. It’s winter, they’re needed.

  • I gave 85 hand-made gifts. I finished in time, but now my hands need a break. I start up again about new years and fill a “Magic Santa drawer” all year long.
    Julie in San Diego, where it is raining and cool

  • I crocheted an Afghan and a shawl for this year’s Christmas gifts!


    An “Oversized Stuffed Owl” pillow …

  • … and a new Christmas throw …

  • For mitten tree: 1 scarf and matching head warmer in Vanna’s Colors from my stash, a shawl in shawl in a ball, plus 2 hats.
    For friends: 2 head warmers in Woolease Thick and Quick.
    For granddaughters: Amigurumi lions pattern 70580AD in Vanna’s Choice and Fun Fur.

  • I knitted 3 afghans for the neighbor children with slippers to match! Was so rewarding to see their joy! Also knitted hanging kitchen towels for many family members & friends as well as ages cowls.

  • I decided to learn to crochet about a week and a half before Christmas for a hobby and ended up making a pair of socks (one badly misshapen lol but it was my very first sock!) And a pair of fingerless gloves for my brothers girlfriend! And had so much fun doing it! In turn, my husband gifted me a ton of yarn, instructional booklets and patterns, as well as a bag to keep it all in. Over all a great Christmas!

  • I knitted a ski mask for my grandson to wear when out at work on high billboards. I knit with the yarn which has the reflector thread in it. I thought that might be a safety thing for him. I am using orange and doing stripes of the orange reflector yarn.

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