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Question and Answer – Substituting Yarn

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Question and Answer – Substituting Yarn

Q – I found a pattern that I love but it is designed with Wool-Ease and I’m giving it as a gift to someone who is highly allergic to wool. Can you please suggest an alternate yarn that will work with this pattern?

A – You can find a list of yarns that can be substituted for any Lion Brand yarn on our Substitution Chart. In this case, you may want to substitute Lion Organic Cotton or Nature’s Choice (both organic) or you might choose Cotton-Ease or Vanna’s Choice, all completely wool-free. Keep in mind that the importance of creating a gauge swatch before starting most projects, is especially important when you are substituting yarn.

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  • I’m making a baby blanket & I can’t fine anymore yarn the same as I started this project. I started w/ a gold or wheat that looks like silk on the corn on the cob when ripe. The 2 nd is a sunburst color varirated. It goes so well w/ the gold, Is there any suggestion. Thank You Linda

    • Hi Linda, without knowing what weight (thickness) the yarn is that you’re using, it’s difficult for us to make a suggestion, but we do have tons of colors on lines like Vanna’s Choice, Wool-Ease, Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, and Hometown USA. You can check them out at We also sell color cards (with sample strands of each color of a yarn) so that you can compare them at home to your existing project:

      Hope that helps!

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