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Q&A with 2010 Vanna’s Choice Contest Winner

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Q&A with 2010 Vanna’s Choice Contest Winner

Andrea Larson, the winner of the 2010 Vanna’s Choice Contest got to meet Vanna White last week!  We caught up with her and asked a few questions.

What kind of yarncrafter are you? What are your favorite types of projects?
I have tried out almost all yarn crafts out there, but my favorite is knitting.  I usually have several projects on the go at any one time and usually have something small like socks or mittens in my purse for waiting in lines or at my kids’ gymnastics lessons.  My favorite projects are baby hats and sweaters.  They knit up so fast and are adorable.

What inspired you to make your winning entry for the Vanna’s Choice Contest?
I love entering contests and challenging myself so a knitting contest sounded like fun.  I wanted to make something that was totally different and that my kids could play with afterward, so I decided that a play-mat village would be a neat way to use all my yarn crafting skills in one project.

What was it like meeting Vanna White in person?
I was really exciting and kind of surreal.  It didn’t feel real until I was actually there at the Wheel of Fortune set meeting her in her dressing room.  She is so friendly and nice, I just wish I could have spent more time getting to know her.

What are you working on right now?
Right now I’m working on a few things.  I have a double nine-patch quilt, a silk shawl, a pair of children’s socks and a sweater on the needles at the moment and I just finished a knitted anatomical model of the heart that I made for an art contest at school (it came in second).

Check out Andrea’s winning contest entry here.

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  • Wow Andrea did a beautiful project. She seems to have exceptional skills and certainly deserved to win the contest. I would be happy with half of her skills.

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