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Project Spotlight: A Winter White DIY Yarn Wreath

Today I want to share a great DIY craft with you by Randi from the blog Dukes and Duchesses; a bright, sparkly white wreath inspired by the beauty that comes with snow and winter.

Randi combined textured yarns such as Luxe Fur, Vanna's Glamour and Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash, and added a few snowflake accessories to make this sohphisticated DIY wreath.


 Click here for more pictures and instructions to make the wreath!

We've seen a lot of different creative wreaths lately, made in various styles; have you been inspired to make a yarn wreath? Share with us in the comments!

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  • melodie

    Can I use this for a Valentine's wreath?

  • melodie

    Thank you brandyce,

  • Kristen

    Cute! New mom/daughter project!! Thanks.

  • Tracy Nickels

    Is that green flower foam or styrafoam?

  • melodie

    Tracy. I think it is Styrofoam I do not think you would use green flower foam that is just for flower pots. hope that helps

  • Beth Watkins

    The designer of this wreath used a green floral wreath base (which she first covered with white fabric) and wrapped it with the yarn. But you could use nearly any wreath shape as your base material... styrofoam, wire, or even cardboard will work. In some cases you may need the wreath to be very flat to fit between say a storm door and entry door, in which case flat styrofoam or cardboard works best.

  • melodie

    Beth, y would you use green floral? y not Styrafoam one time we used green floral for something and it did not hold together, I use Styrafoam and then I cut out fabricate and then you use fabricate glue and a pencil and poked a hole and then you will leave fabricate in to the Styrafoam, sents it is valentines you can use red pink white and whatever makes you happy. I am working on my wreath I making them hope that helps you,

  • mayceegreene

    Nice. I love this idea! It is so cute! Thanks for sharing…I’m now following you:)

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