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Pocket Prayer Shawls: Good For Makers and Receivers Alike

Pocket Prayer Shawls may be small, but their message is mighty. We've often featured ways that prayer and healing shawls can offer comfort to receivers, but when we heard about their pocket-sized companions, we were delighted by their simplicity.

Just the perfect size to hold in your hand, Pocket Prayer Shawls are small reminders of comfort. With every pocket shawl, the crafter puts their well wishes into each piece. You can reflect on the specific recipient's needs, or create several pocket shawls with a message of goodwill. Learn more about Pocket Prayer Shawls in this piece by Kathryn Vercillo.

When we set out to design our own pocket shawls, we turned our thoughts to the makers.

Have you ever knit or crocheted to relax and refocus? Using a pattern with simple, repetitive stitches is key to beating stress while crafting. Allow your hands to craft as your mind relaxes. Our Pocket Prayer Shawls were designed to incorporate stitches simple enough to accomplish without looking back at the pattern.

Make a single pocket shawl for someone who may need a quick reminder that they are being thought of. Make several, and keep them handy for trips to doctor's offices, waiting rooms, or prayer groups.


Knit Pocket Prayer Shawls

Looking for a crochet version? Click here.

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