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Photos from Yarn Theory Exhibit

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Photos from Yarn Theory Exhibit

Last year, we were happy to sponsor the Yarn Theory exhibit of fiber artists over at New York City art space, PS 122. Some of you may even remember reading about it here on the blog or visiting the exhibit.

From Yarn Theory’s press release:

Yarn Theory highlights the vibrant and deep interrelationship between the sciences, mathematics, crocheting and knitting. From mathematicians looking for clear and visual ways to model their theorem to home-knitters and artists looking to create unique sculptural objects, the world of contemporary yarn work is rife with cross-pollination between the disciplines. The explosion in the popularity of knitting and crochet has yielded an interest in using the medium to go far beyond sweaters, socks, and wearables, moving into the worlds of geometry, biology, natural sciences, pushing the medium’s sculptural boundaries.

Yarn Theory included works by artists such as Ted Ashton, Emily Barletta (whose work has also been shown at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio), Sarah-Marie Belcastro, Nancy Cohen, Rita Cohen and Anschel Schaffer-Cohen, Christine Domanic, Kate Fenker, Amanda Gale, Miyuki Kawamura, Martha Lewis, Margaret Oomen, Gail Rothschild, Daina Taimina, and Daniel Yuhas. The exhibit was curated by Martha Lewis and events were organized by Karen Eubel.

Karen was kind enough to send us photos from the show, which not only included art pieces inside the exhibition space, but also these incredible creations all along the outside of the building, which is in and of Greenwich Village in New York City. The juxtaposition of these crocheted and knitted pieces against the graffiti and grime of the city make them even more interesting. The outdoor pieces made New Yorkers stop and smile, and take in the yarn art, right in their neighborhood.

Are there interesting fiber arts exhibits going on in your neck of the woods? Leave a comment and let us know about them!

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  • I went to this exhibit! My favorite pieces were the crochet covered rocks and the huge pencil drawing of knitted fabric.

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  • […] Photos from Yarn Theory Exhibit […]

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