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Pattern Recommendations: Coming Home Poncho

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Pattern Recommendations: Coming Home Poncho

In 2005 this pattern was downloaded well over 1 million times! A cultural icon wore it on an auspicious occasion and everyone who could crochet grabbed their hook and a few balls of Homespun® yarn and made one of their own. It turns out that this design is extremely flattering on lots of different body types and has an elegant, feminine flow to it that has kept it popular for the last ten years.

We’ve redesigned and recolored the poncho for 2015 and it’s more fashionable than ever with the latest trend in Boho style. Ponchos are also perfect for this time between seasons when you need to add a layer to lighter clothing or stay warm in your home or office when it’s a bit cooler than you’d like.

There have been lots of fads in crochet over the years but very few involved a single pattern. We hope you like this updated version. You can crochet it for under $30, the sizing is simple and you’ll enjoy this flattering look almost year round.

Get the free pattern: Boho Poncho

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  • So where is the story behind the poncho?

    • Basically, when Martha Stewart was released from prison (that story can wait for another time) it was quite chilly. She left in a helicopter. Anyway, apparently she was well liked while she was in the prison and one of the inmates had crocheted a shawl for her…which she pulled out and put on when leaving, due to the chill. The photo of her boarding the helicopter with the poncho on was all over the newspapers.

      • LOL, wow, I just assumed that “celebrity” and “auspicious occasion” was referring to some red carpet event or something. Why wouldn’t they include a tagline like “The poncho that will make everyone think you just served time!” 😛

        • Can’t comment on that, MLy. I know when she started her new TV show a few months later that she wore it and featured the poncho on that show for a few weeks; doing giveaways and such. Personally, I liked the look of the poncho and did the knit version of it. It’s never made me feel like I “just served time”.

  • Is this the poncho Martha Stewart wore home form prison?

    • Yep. Except hers was blue, I believe. I did the knit version back in 2005!

  • I made a poncho very much like this – clusters of double and triple crochet and with a drawstring to gather in the neckline – way back in 1970!

  • So, who was the cultural icon who wore the poncho and started the frenzy?

    • Martha Stewart. The original Poncho was called “Coming Home Poncho.”

  • Nice to know I can make this without having to go to prison.

  • I must have made 5 or 6 of them myself. I made one for everyone and actually made one for myself. I still wear it and I get compliments every time I do.

  • I love Lion Brand Yarn and patterns, but HOW can you call this an “auspicious occasion”. A celebrity was being released from prison for committing a crime.

  • My mother-in-law crocheted one of these ponchos for me in 1970. I think I still have it packed away in a box. The pattern keeps surfacing but it is not new by any means.

  • who is the “cultural icon”?

  • Yes I thought I recognized that pattern as the Martha Stewart getting out of jail poncho. I made it out of Thick n Quick Cashmere I believe. It was very heavy and I ended up giving it away. I didn’t know there was a knit version.

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