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Pairing Your Favorite Afghan With Wine

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Pairing Your Favorite Afghan With Wine

Photo courtesy of  Praktyczny Przewodnik  via Creative Commons license.It may not seem like it at first, but wine and afghans have a lot in common. They’re both diverse and they both come in many colors and varieties. They can evoke a sense of the pastoral just as easily as they can a sense of modernity. Their companionship is appreciated when we curl up with a good book on Saturday night or when they join us for Sunday afternoon movie-watching and snuggling.

Here are a few of my favorite Lion Brand afghans and a suggested wine pairing or two (… or three) for each.

Snow And Sunsets Afghan

Perfect for this time of year, this afghan is great for those cold winter nights when all there is to do is watch the snow fall outside your window.

The natural shade of Fishermen’s Wool® contrasted with the vivid colors of Amazing® make the chevrons in this blanket truly stand out.

I would pair this afghan with a rich-bodied white wine, something a bit spicy like an older German Reisling or a Gewürztraminer.

Vintage On The Bias Afghan

This rustic afghan is crocheted on the bias to create the unique diamond design. The earthy tones of Homespun® Thick and Quick® will have everyone wanting to warm up under this cozy throw.

Pair this afghan with red wines that exude aromas of earth, and maybe a touch of old wood – think Brunello, Cabernet Sauvignon or even a Malbec or Pinot Noir.

Toasty Rose Afghan

The unique border on this mitered rectangular throw gives it a very elegant and feminine look.

If this afghan strikes your fancy, a relaxing rosé would be the perfect match for your tastes!

You may not believe it, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are vintners – in addition to actors, parents and humanitarians – and they’re good at it too. Last year they released a rosé the critics loved called Miraval and if you can find a bottle, it’s a very lovely wine.

Modular Cable Afghan

Bring a contemporary look to your living room with this afghan made of cabled hexagons.

A contemporary design calls for a younger wine, so a few pairings I recommend for this afghan are Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio on the white side or a Shiraz or Beaujolais for red.

Slip Stitch Afghan

This afghan has a unique texture and color palette thanks to a combination of both Wool-Ease® and Amazing® yarn, and series of slip stitches.

The slip stitch afghan demands to be paired with a rare varietal. Try a Petite Verdot, a Picpoul Blanc or a Ramnista.

Bonus tip: If you’ve always wanted to try to make a slip stitch, take a look at our newest Craftsy class, My First Slip-Stitch Afghan.

:: Photo courtesy of Praktyczny Przewodnik via Creative Commons license. ::


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  • Sorry, but I don’t see the comparison. Wine + alcohol, a drug that many cannot manage. Afghans, blankets are pretty, and colors can evoke moods, but they are not a substance that some are prone to abuse. Would you suggest a cocaine and afghan pairing?

  • I’m sorry, but I do not see the pairing or comparison. Wine = alcohol= a substance many have difficulty with. Afghans and blankets have beautiful colors and textures that can evoke moods, but I cannot see pairing them with alcohol. Would you do a pairing with cocaine?marijuana?

  • Dear Deebee, Cocaine and marijuana are illegal substances, so to answer your question, no. Wine is a legal beverage that many adults enjoy. To your point about abuse, this can be a problem for some people. If you or anyone you know is having an issue with an alcohol or substance abuse problem, please call the National Alcoholism and and Substance Abuse Information Center for guidance: (800) 784-6776

    • While I do think that Deebee’s comment was unwarranted ,I also think that the Moderator’s should be above sarcastic, snarky replies. To suggest that perhaps she may have an alcohol problem herself was rude. You should not be representing Lion Brand if you cannot keep comments like that at bay. Now be sure you make a sarcastic remark to my comment also.

      • The moderator is just protecting the company, in case anyone (for instance) decides to bring a frivolous lawsuit for encouraging drinking to excess. She’s saying that’s not what they’re doing and providing a reasonable first step for anyone with a problem. Some of the wines suggested are very special and expensive; this blog post is a clever idea, pairing (mostly) wine-colored afghans and suggesting snuggling under one with a glass of wine. I don’t drink but don’t see any problem with people who enjoy tasting and learning about wines coming home from work and snuggling under a hand-made, pretty afghan with a glass of good wine. There is nothing wrong with this for the majority of people who drink responsibly, but for some reason, this article tripped a strong, emotional, negative response among some people who saw the suggestion very differently. It may be that some of those comments come from a deeply hurt place — experience as the child or spouse of someone with alcoholism. I think we can all agree to have compassion for someone who has lived through that sad and stressful experience but should recognize that it is not the norm.

  • I like this idea…I knit mostly Afghanis and I knit for relaxation, to soothe my racing mind, and, I admit, because I need something to do while the grandkids are watching TV after homework is done. When the kids have been picked up, I will quite often have a glass or so of wine while I knit to calmly come back to earth.

  • Although I don’t often join these conversations, I do believe this one warrants it. I myself am addicted to knitting and enjoy a glass of wine. I also very much enjoy the posts by lion brand. This article should be treated like all others. If you enjoy it then read it, share it and move on. If you don’t like the content hit your back button and move on to something you do enjoy. Live and let live.

    • Right on sister–appreciate the back button hint–it is useful more often than not! Cheers! I actually also do appreciate the creativity and sentiments of the article. Maybe Deebee could take the action step of blogging ways to pair her favorite afghans with favorite tea, hot chocolates, or coffees? I, myself, am off to find an afghan to pair my glass of wine with…

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