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Seen in the Yarniverse: Quitting Smoking

Knitting and crocheting are not simply hobbies for relaxation, can be very useful to kick habits like smoking as well! Chapel Hill News chronicled Riva Econopouly, a woman who put down her cigarettes for knitting needles, and has been smoke-free ever since. This is an incredible story of a woman who used to smoke up…

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5 Ideas for Knitting & Crocheting in Groups

Whether it’s for a charity or just for fun, being around others can truly enhance the experience of knitting and crocheting. In YarnCraft (our 30-minute downloadable audio-show) episode #17, my co-host Liz and I shared ideas for gathering to knit and crochet in a group. Here are a few tips: 1. Do a pattern together.…

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The Afghan That Was Created From Our Swatch Experiment

In last week’s post I talked about how we design based on experimenting with swatching. Last week I shared a peek into the process by which we decide on color sequencing. Here is the afghan we created with the new Vanna’s Choice colors that was based on that swatch.

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