Lion Brand Notebook ®

Introducing Kids to Yarn Early

Over at the YarnCraft podcast, we had an episode all about teaching kids to knit and crochet that got great response from our listeners. Sharyn, a 2nd grade teachers, shared with us these pictures of her students’ weavings. I listened with interest to your recent podcast regarding kids and yarn. I’m a second grade teacher.…

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Using the StitchFinder

Each week, we feature a “stitch of the week” in our e-newsletter. So far we’ve featured basic knit stitches, knit cable stitches, crochet blocks, and crochet stitches. You can find all of these featured stitches and more in the StitchFinder. Note: Each of these patterns can be used with any yarn that you like. The…

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Teaching Each Other to Crochet at Lion Brand

Hi, I’m Laquana Booker and I work in the Accounting Department of our corporate offices Carlstadt, New Jersey. That magical day I learned how to crochet happened sometime right before Christmas and lunchtime was much more social and festive around that time of the year. It was another day in the break room and a…

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