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BK4K Accessories for Fun in the Sun!

In addition to our weekly e-newsletter, we also have a monthly newsletter for kids and the adults who craft with them. It’s a great source of ideas and inspiration for kids, teens, parents, girl- and boy scout leaders, camp counselors, teachers, and more. BK4K (By Kids for Kids) features knit, crochet, and craft patterns that…

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Knitting the News Into a Sweater!

News Knitter takes information that is collected from daily political news in any 24 hour period and turns it into a sweater by sending the data to a computerized knitting machine. The project uses knitting to help visualize large amounts of information.

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5 Dishcloth & Washcloth Ideas from YarnCraft #18

The YarnCraft podcast is a half-hour radio show in which my co-host Liz and I share pattern recommendations, crafting ideas, stories, and interviews on all things knitting, crocheting, loom-knitting, crafting and more. Every two weeks, we come to you from the Lion Brand Design Center in New York with a new episode, but you can…

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