Lion Brand Notebook ®


I’m Hilary the V.P. of Sales for Lion Brand. Lately I’ve realized that two of my passions—health and yarn are converging. I’m fortunate in that my passion is my work and my work involves selling a wonderful product that encompasses fashion, color, design, and is affordable and beautiful. I take pleasure in the fact that…

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Knitting Is the New Black

I love this phrase, which I’m quoting from an article in by reporter Rita Zekas referring to how knitting has become a basic part of life, especially now that Julia Roberts will be producing and starring in the movie adaptation of the best-selling Friday Night Knitting Club.

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Knit Flowers Supersized

Sure there are a lot of knit and crochet flowers, but probably very few that are anatomically correct models like Tatyana Yanishevsky’s amazing creations. Part sculpture and part science model, her flowers have been featured at children’s museums, galleries, and more.

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