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Cupcake – Sweet and Stylish

I generally believe that everything–whether tool, material, or method–has a purpose to which it is ideally suited. In my opinion, sewing is good for some things (dresses and bags), knitting works best for others (socks) and crochet is ideal for still others (amigurumi and afghans). And I think every yarn has unique characteristics that tell…

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CNN Reports on Knitting (and Color) as a Path to Inner Peace

Visit for a great story on how a busy mom was able to better handle the stresses of life. As the writer says in the article, “The sound of the needles had a metronomic quality, a calming pace that automatically slowed my thoughts. And the feel of the wool sliding through my fingers was…

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5 Tips for Common Mistakes from YarnCraft #20

In the July 15th episode of YarnCraft, entitled Oops! Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them, we shared our mistake stories and the stories of our listeners. We also offered pointers on how to fix (and also avoid) some common mistakes. Here are a few pointers: 1. For knitters, dropped stitches can be a real…

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