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Knit Flowers Supersized

Sure there are a lot of knit and crochet flowers, but probably very few that are anatomically correct models like Tatyana Yanishevsky’s amazing creations. Part sculpture and part science model, her flowers have been featured at children’s museums, galleries, and more.

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Tree of Life Knit-Along #3 – Dividing Rows

Wheh! After a few long days of chart following, and cabling for the Twin Trees pattern, the simple knit and purl rows of the Dividing Rows pattern were a welcome relief. I like to have a few different knitting projects going at all times, of varying levels of skill, to be able to switch back…

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From Knitting to Comfort Food with Kate Jacobs

Back in January, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with author and knitter, Kate Jacobs, and interview her about her New York Times bestseller, The Friday Night Knitting Club. It’s a book about the lives of a group of women, who bond at a New York yarn shop. Kate has a new book called…

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