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Crochet-Along: Seaming and Bordering, Two Different Approaches

I’ve used two different seaming methods for my two different blankets. For “Dolly” the doll sized blanket, I chose to simply sew the 9 little blocks together. I usually use a simple seam that goes like this: Lay the pieces on a flat stable surface either face up or face down, I often try out…

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A Naturally Adorable Baby Blanket

We love to see what people are doing with our yarns, and our friend Natalie Zee Drieu, Senior Editor at Craft Magazine, shared with us her adorable pictures of her newly finished hooded baby wrap. It’s knit out of Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton, a great yarn for baby projects because it’s so soft and fluffy.…

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“Two Blankets in Four Days!”

We love to see the creative ways that you use our patterns and make them your own.  We noticed this blogger’s translation of one of our most popular patterns where she used her own favorite yarns and colors to make the blankets and, she shared the fact that she was able to make two of…

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