Lion Brand Notebook ®

YarnCraft, the Lion Brand Podcast, Wins Award

Last week we attended an awards luncheon because YarnCraft was nominated for an award for best podcast/videocast, by PR News, the trade publication for the PR industry. It was a real thrill when they announced that we won and we’re especially proud of the two hosts of the show, Liz and Zontee. If you haven’t…

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How to Knit a Basic Hat

I’m the kind of knitter (and crocheter) who likes to make up patterns as I go along. I find that understanding the general idea behind how to make an item lets you be more flexible–and personal–in your designs. In today’s post, I’m going to take you through the steps needed to knit a basic, fitted…

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Colorful, Comfortable Cotton-Ease

It’s no fun when a company discontinues your favorite product (Loreál- I’m looking at you. I still want Le Grand Curl Waterproof Black Mascara back). When we discontinued Cotton-Ease a lot of people were upset. The internet/blog world was grieving the loss of this washable cotton-blend yarn. Campaigns to keep Cotton-Ease began immediately after the…

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