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The Presidential Poll of Knitters and Crocheters

The results of our presidential poll are in.  With 8,975 9,009 9,550 people voting, here is the breakdown: John McCain – 40.3% Barack Obama – 56.0% Other – 1.5% Undecided – 2.2% Related link: Crochet the Next President

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Make a Cap, Save a Life

Are you starting to knit or crochet for the holidays? This year, add one more special gift to your to-do list. Save the Children and Warm Up America! Foundation have teamed up for the Knit One, Save One initiative. This project asks knitters and crocheters to donate homemade hats for infants in developing countries. Just…

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Technology for Stitch-Counting

For most projects, it’s important to keep track of your stitches. If you’re like me, you use stitch markers and stitch counters — or you make a tally in the margin of your pattern. If you love technology, then there’s a new way to track your stitches on your iPhone or iPod Touch: the free…

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