Lion Brand Notebook ®

Crochet a Reminder to Give Thanks

The cornucopia is a symbol that reminds us to appreciate the abundance in our lives.  No matter how difficult times may be, Thanksgiving is a time to focus on what we are grateful for. This cornucopia is a crocheted horn shape with individually crocheted mini fruits and vegetables inside, including a pumpkin, an apple, an…

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Showing Sports Spirit in Yarn

This is a post from John, in our New Jersey office: My name is John, and I work in Lion Brand’s Information Technology (IT) department. I originally learned to crochet from Carolyn, my best friend in our Customer Service department. As of Nov. 11th, I will have been working here for one year. Crocheting is…

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My Magic Baby Mitts

This is a guest post from Jackie, our senior technical editor: Visitors to my little Design Department cubicle sometimes ask about the wee, tattered baby mitts pinned to my bulletin board. The mitts are a talisman, the magic Smyth baby mitts. My grandmother knit the mitts during her emigration from Ireland to the US in…

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